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Design and modeling characteristics of European style furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-17
There are many types of European-style furniture, which can be divided into many categories and styles in the big category. There are chairs and stools, tables and tables, beds, cabinets, screens, and ornamental furniture. There are more than ten styles of table styles, such as Kang table, Kang table, Kang table, Xiang table, wine table, desk, square table, bar table, bar table and calligraphy and painting table. The sixteenth and eighth European-style furniture of European-style furniture pursue solemnity and grandeur, or emphasize rational harmony and tranquility, pursue romantic gorgeousness and decoration, or pursue irrational endless fantasy, which is dramatic and passionate. Usually, the contours and turning parts of European-style furniture are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or curved surfaces, and are decorated with inlaid gilded copper ornaments. Some connoisseurs and collectors have summed up sixteen products and eight diseases on the taste of European furniture. 'Sixteen products' are the sixteen criteria for appreciating furniture, such as conciseness, simplicity, thick and awkwardness, dignity, roundness, richness, smoothness, etc., 'eight diseases' refer to the taboos and disadvantages of furniture, such as cumbersome and bloated , Dislocation, stagnation, etc. Extended reading: Detailed description of European furniture. Design features of European furniture: The design of the door, including the door of the room and various cabinet doors, should not only highlight the concavity and convexity, but also have a graceful arc. The two shapes complement each other to create a fun and amorous feeling. . The design of the column is also very particular, and it can be designed into a typical Roman column shape, so that the overall space has a stronger traditional Western aesthetic. Fireplace is a typical carrier of Western culture. When choosing European style home decoration, you can design a real fireplace, or you can design a fireplace shape, supplemented by lighting, to create a Western life atmosphere. Lighting In the European-style home space, the lighting design should choose a Western-style shape, such as wall lamps, which is bright and simple in the whole. Extended reading: European style decoration tips. Features of European furniture 1. Exquisite selection of materials. European-style furniture mostly uses precious woods, such as red sandalwood, rosewood, mahogany, qizimu, iron pear and other hardwoods, and sometimes nanmu, walnut, elm, etc. The wood produced in the south has a hard texture, dense texture, and a smooth and calm color. These materials have a great influence on the structure and appearance of furniture. Due to the exquisite materials, European-style furniture has sufficient conditions to pursue its own texture and natural beauty, and achieve the best artistic effect of hard, slippery, plain and clean. 2. Fine craftsmanship. European-style furniture pays attention to the unity of the contrast of radius, thickness, and thickness in structure. The connection between various components achieves seamless splicing, firmness and flatness, and smooth and natural outline. The surfaces of the furniture are polished. Applying transparent wax to achieve a smooth and smooth effect, fully showing the natural beauty of precious wood. 3. Beautiful shape. European-style furniture pays attention to stability while seeking lightness, simplicity while showing interest, and the smoothness of the line includes turning changes. The overall scale of the furniture and the proportions of its parts are very particular about the organic unity of practicality and aesthetics. The modeling does not win with the flower, and does not add excessive decoration. The occasional application of carvings is mainly based on thread, or the small area of u200bu200bexquisite relief or carving, round carving and thread carving methods are used to increase the decoration. Through wooden inlays, ivory inlays, snail inlays and Baibao inlays, different patterns are inlaid, such as landscapes, flowers, grasses and insects. Or add silver and copper decorations and embellish small areas to form a sharp contrast with the cleanness and simplicity of the large area. Use the texture of the wood itself to use width, thickness, length, depth, unevenness and flatness. , To increase the line changes of the furniture, to achieve a harmonious, unified, changeable effect, natural and generous.
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