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Demystifying the production process of solid wood furniture factory

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-04
'The art of workmanship' is people's interpretation of the craftsmanship. A complete furniture production process includes many links and steps from the preparation of raw materials, through carpentry production, paint finishing to the final product packaging and storage, and every step is To be refined and professional. The solid wood furniture presented in front of us is so exquisite and intriguing. All kinds of solid wood furniture on the market are dazzling, with varying quality. What we want to buy is solid solid wood furniture. The definition of solid solid wood furniture is: all the structures and visible parts of the product are processed from a single piece of wood without any veneers. . The surface and the inside of the product are the same, even if the surface layer is removed, the interior is of exactly the same material. To select high-quality solid wood furniture, we need to understand the manufacturing process and materials of solid wood furniture, and be a confidant, so that we can buy our favorite solid wood furniture, then we will take everyone to the solid wood furniture factory to give everyone the most authentic solid wood experience. The following is a real visit to a solid wood processing factory by a netizen! It turns out that the production of solid wood furniture is so fine and so beautiful! The raw material, wood is the core of the furniture. Do you know what kind of wood this is? In fact, I didn't know it at first. Some people said it was Fraxinus mandshurica. According to the director, Fraxinus mandshurica was correct, but it was imported from North America, and there was another name called Ash. This reminds us that when we usually choose furniture, we can only say what kind of wood is sold. If domestic manchurian ash is called imported ash, there are many flat people who can’t distinguish it. The factory manager also told us that the domestic ash wood grain is yellowish, while the ash wood is white. Although it belongs to the same tree species, the grain is basically the same, but the production conditions are different. The density of Fraxinus mandshurica is also much higher, the simpler is harder. All wood can not be used as soon as it is cut down. The wood needs to be dried, which means removing excess water from logs with high moisture content in a controlled environment to reach the equilibrium moisture content of the final use area. After drying, the strength of the wood is increased by 2 to 3 times, and it will not be moldy and rot, and will not deform or crack after being made into furniture. The wood used in the factory has already been dried. When the factory makes furniture, because the natural texture and color of each piece of material are different, they will choose wood boards with similar colors and textures when they first saw the wood. The manager here said that if we usually see the surface texture of the furniture is very neat and unnatural, it must be the leather furniture. Just like buying fruits, you can't just look at the beautiful and gorgeous fruits on the outside, you have to pay attention to the inside! Related reading: Will you really buy solid wood furniture? Before making furniture, we would calculate the size, length, width and height of each piece of wood according to the drawings, and then the factory saw it piece by piece and sorted it out. It seemed quite difficult. During the production of furniture, a lot of time was spent preparing materials in the early stage. At first, I thought it was to start sawing from a tree. I learned here that the imported wood is all boards of different specifications. This way, the yield rate of furniture will be compared. High, and there are grades of wood, that is, according to the cleanliness of the wood surface, scarring and so on. What we see is FAS special grade wood. The effect of using special grade wood for raw wood furniture is better. What's more, the furniture needs to be joined together, because neither the tree nor the board are so wide and so big, so they need to be put together one by one. Of course, glue will be used. From here, we must begin to pay attention to the importance of environmental protection. The production of furniture depends on the structure used. The factory director has popularized the tenon and tenon structure of traditional solid wood furniture and analyzed the hardware structure in many markets. The mortise and tenon structure is more complicated in the manufacturing process, and the cost of the structure is higher than that of the hardware connection. The advantage of the tenon-and-mortise structure is that the structure is stable and very strong. The most important thing is to prevent the solid wood from cracking and deforming. It seems that there are so many cultures of tenon and tenon joints, but I understand it very superficially. This one is called brown corner tenon and tenon joints, and there are many other types. The master is making this small box and I like it very much. This is wood wax oil, which is used for surface finishing of furniture. This is not paint. Compared with paint, this wood wax oil is extracted from plants, which is worthy of recognition in terms of environmental protection. Looks like it’s not cheap! my country’s solid wood furniture industry is currently in a good development situation. Zhiyan Data Research Center shows that with the continuous expansion of my country’s solid wood furniture industry operation and market, the operation of my country’s solid wood furniture industry will usher in a new development opportunity. Do you like solid wood furniture?
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