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Demystifying the manufacturing method of solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-04
With the continuous changes in people's aesthetic views on furniture and the changes in modern furniture production methods, the current production of furniture is very different from traditional furniture production methods. Although furniture production has many manual components and seems simple, there are more than one hundred processes in detail. The main processes in furniture production are now briefly described as follows: The solid wood needed for the production of solid wood drying furniture is not a log trunk, but a specification wood processed by a wood manufacturer-solid wood with a thickness of 3-6CM. Square strip. These solid wood square bars have been processed for grease, insect control, and drying before being sold by the wood merchant. However, the wood will absorb moisture during the storage process of the wood merchant, and the moisture content will be increased. Therefore, we will place the solid wood square bars in the oven for drying before use. When placing, leave a gap in the middle of each layer of solid wood strips to increase air circulation. The steam of the boiler is used for heating outside the oven, and the steam evenly heats the air in the box from all around, thereby heating the wood strips. Due to the heat absorption of the wooden square bars, the water in the body is released. There are several fans in the oven, which can make the air inside the box flow internally, and can also exchange the air inside and outside, thereby increasing the drying speed. Wood drying is a uniform process. The vapor pressure and room temperature have strict control requirements. If the vapor pressure and room temperature are increased quickly, it will cause rapid dehydration and crack the surface of the wood. After 120 hours of heating, 48 hours of natural cooling is required. This process is carried out cyclically, and the general drying time of the whole furnace is 7 days. During the cooling process, the water continues to evaporate, and the water content is generally 6-8% when it is finally taken out. The moisture content test of solid wood is carried out with a professional moisture meter. The size of solid wood splicing solid wood square strips often does not meet the size requirements of the production parts, and then splicing is required. When buying solid wood, why not buy a large piece of solid wood at once? Because large pieces of solid wood are not easy to dry, and the probability of deformation is particularly high, when a large piece of wood is cut open, the internal intermolecular force will disappear, thereby preventing deformation. The solid wood square bars were slightly deformed when they were taken out of the oven. In order to splice firmly, the solid wood strips should be flattened with a special four-sided planer, and then a special jigsaw glue is applied to glue the solid wood together. Pressurize for another 8 hours. After the spliced u200bu200bsolid wood, the firmness of the joint is greater than the strength of the solid wood itself, so there is no need to worry about disconnection at the joint. When joining solid woods, pay full attention to the color of the solid woods that are joined together as much as possible, and avoid joining solid woods of different shades of material together. The dead knot should be removed as much as possible. If it cannot be cut off, hide it on the inner surface. After the solid wood is spliced, the solid wood usually has two shapes: thick solid wood board and thick solid wood square. In order to make the solid wood reach the required shape, it needs to be further processed in detail: for the wood board parts, the flat surface is planed with double-sided planing to make it reach the required thickness. For long strip parts, use a four-sided planer to plan all four sides to achieve the required thickness. With a double-headed scissor saw, you can accurately cut out the required length of solid wood parts at one time. Most of the solid wood parts are special-shaped parts. Only straight edges can be used. The sawing path of a wire saw is a point, and any shape can be sawed out. In order to increase the appreciation of the furniture, solid wood carvings are often designed to enhance the solid wood parts. When carving, first draw the outline with a template on the cut solid wood parts, and then cut the knife according to the outline. When carving, first sculpt a rough shape, which is called a wool embryo. Then polish it to get the finished product. There are thirty carving knives used by an engraving technician. There are flat knives, oblique knives, arc knives, V-shaped knives, blasting knives, trimming knives... and each type of knives has a variety of models from large to small. In the same shaped flower, different parts should be used differently. Knives, so we will see engraving technicians frequently changing tools during the engraving process. Carving techniques include hitting, jacking, pushing, cutting, chiseling... and many other techniques. According to the expressions of sculpture, there are the following types: Ingrave carving, which uses depressions on solid wood to express patterns and shapes; Yang Wen carving, which divides all parts other than the shape, and uses a three-dimensional technique to express the shape. ; The hollow carving, according to the shape of the flower, carves a kind of transparent effect. All cylindrical parts of solid wood lathes are processed by lathes. The basic working principle of the lathe is the same as that of the folk lathe for processing the noodle stick. The machine with keys on the street is also an extension of this principle. Modern large lathes have added many new functions, such as straight turning, oblique turning, thread turning, etc., and all kinds of parts can be processed. When processing, it is necessary to make a template according to the edge shape of the cylindrical part. During processing, the solid wood part rotates at a high speed, and the turning tool advances and retreats according to the shape of the template. The extra part is cut off by the turning tool, and finally an edge shape is obtained. The same parts as the template. In the threading process, the wooden block rotates slowly and the turning tool rotates at a high speed. In order to obtain different thread effects, it is necessary to adjust the gear ratio to obtain different speeds. The cutting of solid wood panels is called cutting according to the size requirements of the parts. The panel cutting is carried out with a cutting saw. The cutting saw is a professional sawing table with extremely high precision requirements.
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