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Definition of high-end furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-30
In furniture shopping malls, businesses often claim that their products are high-end furniture, but what exactly is high-end furniture often varies from place to place. Some people think that the most popular furniture must be high-end furniture. As in previous years, a kind of 'polyester furniture' originated from Italy and first emerged from Guangdong in our country has quickly occupied most of the country's market within a few years. Producers, sellers and buyers all think this is a kind of high-end furniture. However, when the beautiful paint film has been worn out to reveal low-quality particleboard particles, the 'truth' becomes clear, and the high quality is no longer there. Another example is that at the beginning of the 'Cultural RevolutionThe mahogany furniture that was forced to sell by the road was priced very low in thrift stores. A mahogany three-door carved wardrobe was only worth more than 100 yuan. In the eyes of many people at that time, of course it was not high-end furniture, but nowadays it is worth a hundred times. . In fact, it is difficult to have an absolute standard for what is high-end furniture. However, most high-end furniture should more or less meet the following conditions: natural materials. Especially wood, which has been the main furniture material since ancient times, has always been loved and cherished by people. For example, the walnut wood age, walnut wood age, and mahogany wood age in the history of furniture all used the main materials to reflect the characteristics of the furniture of a period. Today, when natural resources are increasingly scarce, environmental awareness is becoming stronger, and people’s aesthetic awareness is full of nostalgia, natural materials are even more favored by people. Furniture made of solid wood. If solid wood furniture is good in shape and craftsmanship, it is of course high-end. Such as pine furniture, although the wood is not precious, pine furniture made of large wood is very popular in the international market. Another example is rubber wood furniture. In the past, no one wanted to use rubber wood for firewood. Today, wood sofas made of rubber wood are sometimes more expensive than leather sofas. Decoration with precious and rare materials. As far as wooden furniture is concerned, solid wood furniture made of precious wood is certainly valuable, but today when the tropical rain forest is dwindling, thin wood veneer furniture has doubled its status and entered the ranks of high-end furniture. For example, furniture veneered with precious thin woods such as rosewood, walnut, mahogany, red shadow wood, white shadow wood, beech wood, oak, etc., regardless of the base material of wood-based panels, if the craftsmanship is exquisite and the finish is elegant, the value will be doubled. . Because this kind of veneer is imported, the market price is hundreds of yuan per square meter, and the supply is not sufficient, so veneer with precious veneer is also one of the ways to upgrade furniture. Carefully crafted, that is, fine workmanship. All high-end furniture must be made with precision, and shoddy products must not belong to the high-end category. Finely carved antique furniture, especially furniture carved by hand-carved precious woods, has the highest value; furniture decorated with mechanical carvings, with fine workmanship, is also a high-end furniture. Even solid wood furniture without carvings and decorations is required to be made fine. For example, the molding and edge treatment of the facade must be impeccable. To fully express the beauty of the material and the structure, it must be achieved through fine craftsmanship, so the workmanship is fine. It is also one of the necessary conditions for high-end furniture. Have a typical personality style. Another condition for high-end furniture is the unique style and distinctive art. Antique furniture must reflect the artistic characteristics of the imitated historical period, such as Chinese Ming-style furniture and French Louis XV (Rococo) furniture. Modern furniture must also have an easily recognizable style personality, such as Italian furniture and Nordic solid wood furniture. Traditional style, national characteristics, regional characteristics, and contemporary style can all be called individuality. Furniture without individuality is difficult to be upscale.
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