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Decorating Techniques of Classical Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-03
The decorative techniques of Chinese classical furniture are rich and varied. Because it is composed of wooden frame structures of antique buildings, this creates an obvious three-dimensional space, which seems to have been carefully processed from the whole to the details, and gives a perfect feeling. The craftsmen of the Warring States Period have become more proficient in painting, painting, and embossing on the surface of the furniture. The composition of the furniture is relatively free and the patterns are meticulous, but there is no division of decorative parts. Starting from the Tang Dynasty, the decorative parts have been divided. The furniture in the Song Dynasty also had many changes in decorative techniques. Various decorative forms such as corsets, horseshoes, grasshopper legs, cloud walking feet, and lotus pads were used; at the same time, tooth plates, Luo Guoxi, dwarf, Bawangxi, and support were used. Various structural components such as mud, tea bell feet, and collecting points. The decoration techniques of Ming Dynasty furniture can be said to be diverse. Carving, engraving, inlaying, and tracing are all used; decoration materials are also very extensive; the layout of component decoration, metal decorations, etc. all have rules, which are quite standardized and patterned. It also tends to be stylized, some of which are close to sketching. They are never greedy for stacking or sculpting. Instead, they make appropriate partial decorations according to the overall requirements. The furniture in the Qing Dynasty was decorated with rich and luxurious decoration, using a variety of materials and various forms to decorate the furniture. The methods were mainly inlaid, carved and painted, which formed a sharp contrast with the simple and natural style of Ming-style furniture. The decoration of Ming and Qing furniture can be roughly summarized into component decoration, molding decoration, carving decoration, lacquer decoration, metal decoration and so on.
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