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Curved wood furniture: graceful curves 'steamed'

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-01
The low-carbon trend continues to blow, and the concept of low-carbon life is popular, which coincides with the prevalence of environmentally friendly and healthy solid wood furniture. When purchasing solid wood furniture, consumers not only pay attention to various solid wood materials, but also may encounter an unfamiliar term-bentwood furniture. This kind of furniture technique, which was popular from Europe to China in the 1990s, has a simple and generous design, stylish and smooth curves, and also has a higher price than ordinary solid wood furniture. What is the secret of these cornering furniture, and what story it contains, let's find out now. 'Steamed' bentwood furniture. The so-called bentwood furniture refers to the use of solid wood as the material. The solid wood is steam processed by the machine to make the solid wood bend into a certain shape after being heated, thus avoiding the toothing of the wood. Wooden furniture is 'steamed'. It is precisely because of this heating and bending technique that the bending parts no longer rely on or reduce the reliance on glue for interlocking, which meets the consumer's requirements for environmental protection and low carbon. The biggest feature of bentwood furniture lies in its unique curved arc. In the production process, the bending and curvature of the bentwood furniture fully consider the curve of the human body, even if it is sitting for a long time, it is not easy to cause fatigue and makes the body feel more comfortable. In addition, the design of bentwood furniture, whether it is a curve or an overall shape, reflects the simple style of modern European furniture, which not only conforms to the aesthetic concept of modern people, but also makes the practicality and decoration well integrated. Not all bending is bentwood furniture. The production of bentwood furniture makes use of the elastic principle of wood, replacing certain tooth and tenon joints with bending. Therefore, the biggest feature of bentwood furniture is its curvature and bending. But this does not mean that all curved solid wood furniture is curved wood furniture. The reporter visited major stores and found that there is a solid wood furniture that also has curvature and curvature on the market, but the curved part of this kind of furniture is not formed by heating and pressing. It is understood that there are two ways to bend this type of solid wood furniture: one is to bend by teeth, that is, the bent parts are joined together by different woods. This way avoids the high cost and high-tech production of bent wood processing. Of course, the price is relatively low; another method is to plan out the bending effect through the whole piece of wood, so that the curvature is usually not large, and it causes material loss. Bentwood Furniture Knowledge School Materials Currently, most of the materials used for bentwood furniture are birch and ash as raw materials, usually birch with higher strength and lower price is used as the inner layer, and the beautiful texture of ash as the outer layer plate. There are also a small number of imported beech wood as the main material for curved wood furniture. This kind of beech wood has high hardness, natural and elegant texture, and the material is more delicate. The emergence of bentwood furniture originated in Europe in the late 19th century. An Austrian furniture manufacturer named Mikhail Tonet accidentally discovered a method of using steam to deform wood at high temperature, so he began to try This bent wood makes furniture. Later, the family of bentwood furniture continued to grow and develop. The appearance of the Rococo curve increased the popularity of bentwood furniture. At the beginning of the 20th century, the bentwood craftsmanship was improved and subjected to special processing, so that almost all the bentwood furniture was made of wood. The parts can be bent into any arc. Related reading: The pioneer of modern furniture industry exploration. Tonet maintains bentwood furniture in basically the same way as solid wood furniture. Can be used for daily cleaning of furniture; avoid using rough cloth when wiping, so as not to damage the paint surface; because the furniture is bent and formed by heating and pressure, it should be avoided near heat sources and not exposed to sunlight to avoid deformation Cracking; it is also not suitable to be placed in a damp place to prevent the furniture from being deformed by moisture. Multilayer gluing, bending and shaping technology The most advanced gluing technology at present is the high-frequency dielectric heating method. Different from the general heating gluing technology, its object is the molecule of the material, which makes the molecule repeatedly polarized in the high-frequency electric field. High temperature due to friction to achieve the purpose of gluing. This technology enables each layer of glued parts to be heated at the same time, and the temperature rises evenly, ensuring the balance of moisture content and stress in each part, making the size and shape of the finalized part more stable, and it is not easy to crack even if it is bent at 360 degrees. The general heating and gluing technology cannot meet the requirements of this process. Bentwood furniture identification method There are many curved furniture on the market, and not all of these furniture can be called bentwood furniture. In addition, even for bentwood furniture, there are certain differences in its curvature, body fit, and overall shape depending on the molding method. According to Zhong Shan, director of the marketing department of Weizhen Qumei, because the whole piece of solid wood is heated and pressurized, the process of bending and forming is difficult, so there are two main methods for making bentwood furniture on the market: first, solid wood veneer bending, That is, the solid wood and the board are combined to form a curvature of a certain arc by heating and pressing; the second is the solid wood sheet bending, that is, the solid wood is made into a sheet, and the multilayer glue is heated and bent to form. This process is more difficult than the first one, and the curved wood furniture made of solid wood has a larger curvature and is not easy to crack, so the price is higher. Consumers can judge whether it is a tooth joint technology by observing whether there is a tooth interface on the curved part when purchasing, and can also judge whether the planed bend is based on the texture of the wood. This is because the wood grain of the planed curved part should be It is slanted. In addition, you can also observe the multi-layer bonding from the cut on the side. Of course, it is also necessary to obtain this information from the shopping guide.
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