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Creative modern wardrobe

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-10
Fruit color and dreamy color immediately make the room different. Even the low-key earth color will have different texture effects on the surface, not to mention the modern treatment of special materials, see-through wardrobes, and hollow metal wardrobes. , Wardrobes made of fashionable mixes of different materials... Wardrobes could have become a scenery of the room! Let’s take a look at it together! Fairy Taste Wardrobe People who have a fairy tale complex will certainly not forget to put a wardrobe with the same taste in their room. Give up the neutral colors, boldly use dreamy colors, pink, pink green, purple...match the room tone, creating a magical dramatic effect in the square inch system. Nowadays, subtraction is everywhere in home design, and it is the effect that everyone is seeking to make the line of sight more transparent. The wardrobe is not only a storage space, but also an art of display. The light-transmitting material and the LED lighting effect can perfectly present the fragments of life. Now the latest trend is frameless large glass sliding door wardrobes, but this puts forward higher requirements for sliding rails and various mechanical parts. Fruit color decoration Fruit color as a hot color collocation, from the fashion industry to all corners of design life. Taking into account the coordination and integrity of the space, fruit color may not be suitable for large-scale applications in the room space, but more and more wardrobes use fruit colors to decorate the inner walls, partitions and corners of the cabinet, which is easy and humorous and brightens the brightness of the space. At the same time, it adds a touch of fairy-tale dream and surrealism. The warmth of the home environment mixed with solid wood often comes from people's use of wood. This natural warm color and material is the eternal theme of home and furniture design. By mixing wood colors and materials with other material surfaces, the classic wood grain can give people a peaceful or dynamic visual experience, while the real material also gives the product a more sense of security and care. Concave-convex texture If the wardrobe occupies the entire wall of the room, compared with the hidden style, it is better to take the opportunity to be creative and make it a part of the space decoration. The large-area solid-color cabinet door is matched with the uneven texture composed of simple geometric lines at will, creating a rich wall decoration effect between light and shadow. The high-gloss surface of high-gloss matt interlaced furniture often gives people a gorgeous and industrial taste, while the matt surface feels more subtle and soft. The interlaced use of two different surface treatments enriches the visual design elements and satisfies Many emotional needs of people. Extended reading: knowledge of wardrobe material selection, literacy, exquisite suitcase, wardrobe is the home of clothing and accessories, and it is also a work of art, expressing the aspirations and taste of the owner. The wardrobe made of leather and fabrics gets rid of rigid partitions, brings casual and agility to clothing collection, and at the same time makes the storage of the space more convenient and organized. The earth tones seem to have become one of the essential elements of today's home environment. Although it is not as ethereal as white, it still gives people a real and pure feeling. As a sharp tool for decorating the space on a large area, it will not bring any noisy feeling to the room space.
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