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Crazy Redwood needs a national standard that keeps pace with the times

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-12
Mahogany furniture came into being with human art, culture, and civilization. It has always occupied the top position of the pyramid in Chinese furniture consumption for hundreds of years. Especially since the reform and opening up, people’s living standards have improved, the demand for high-end consumer goods has increased, and the price of mahogany furniture Then the tide rose. In 2000, in order to regulate the mahogany furniture market, the country issued a mandatory standard, stipulating the types of mahogany, which to a certain extent promoted the healthy development of the furniture industry, but with the advancement of time and the development of the industry, the limitations of this standard Gradually, the reform of the Hongmu national standard has become increasingly urgent. The contradiction between supply and demand hit the national standard system on June 12, 2013, which is a very ordinary day for many people, but it is destined to be extraordinary for the mahogany furniture industry. On this day, the 'Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora' controls a variety of rosewoods. Seven species of rosewood, including Dalbergia cochinchinensis, are included in the endangered species control appendix. The chain reaction brought about by this regulation is The import of mahogany raw materials will be restricted, and domestic mahogany furniture will soar again on the basis of the original expensive prices, and the national furniture market will quickly fall into red madness. 'Redwood furniture' is a term of address for traditional Chinese precious hardwood furniture, which originated from the folk and is widely used in China. Not all solid wood furniture can be called mahogany furniture. According to the relevant regulations of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, the so-called mahogany furniture mainly refers to furniture made of red sandalwood, rosewood, ebony, rosewood, and wenge wood. There are 33 species in five genera, eight categories, and furniture made of wood other than that can’t be called mahogany furniture. Because of this, the price difference between mahogany furniture and non-mahogany furniture in the market is obvious, and this difference has gradually expanded with the reduction of mahogany raw materials. It is foreseeable that if the number of rosewood species does not increase, the number of original species will become increasingly scarce or even disappear, which will result in the loss of an industry category. Related reading: Purchasing mahogany furniture: The first thing to understand is that solid wood and tenon joints are limited in the number of mahogany tree species on the one hand, and on the other hand, consumer demand continues to expand. Such a contradiction between supply and demand will inevitably lead to disorder in the market, and price increases are inevitable. Taking fakes as real and shoddy as good has also become a tactic used by illegal traders. To solve the problem fundamentally, it is necessary to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. However, consumers' demand for valuable furniture is unlimited and will continue to grow. This 'flow' to the market will only increase. At this time, open source has become the only way. Only by relaxing the national standards of mahogany and allowing high-quality log species to join this ranks can mahogany furniture continue to develop healthily. Better mahogany should be found to be authoritative. One of the important aspects is the consistency of its implementation, that is, it needs to be maintained for a period of time. But this does not mean that the established standards must remain unchanged. As the market develops, the content of the national standard also needs to keep pace with the times and bring forth the new. An industry insider said: “The classification of 5 into 8 is based on the furniture wood in the Forbidden City. Previously, there was no such cutting ability, transportation ability, and detection ability, let alone found that there are many good products on the earth. Resources. Therefore, setting such a standard with many limitations is equivalent to drawing a circle for the industry. In addition to these types, there are more precious tree species outside the Forbidden City, and the material may be better.' In fact, initially There are still many high-quality woods that have not been discovered when the national standard was formulated. The small-leaf red sandalwood is one of them. It is very in line with the characteristics of mahogany. Uniform, hard to very hard, high strength, dry shrinkage; good cutting, turning, and abrasion resistance; slow drying, air-dry density 0.89-1.0g/cm; it belongs to endangered tree species, etc. Incorporating high-quality wood species into the national standard and letting precious logs receive due attention is not only responsible for these rare wood species, but also for the majority of furniture consumers. According to the author's interview, the top ten brands of mahogany furniture in China, the famous brand products of Guangdong Province, and the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, Hongguxuan is the most precious kind of special iron pigeon peas in the exploration and introduction of Xiaoye Hongtan, which has the same value as mahogany. The Madagascar iron pigeon peas is the main material, and the furniture profiles created are full of artistic charm, excellent performance, strong stability, and full of fashion sense, and are appreciated and favored by the industry and mahogany furniture enthusiasts.
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