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Cracking of solid wood is really a quality problem?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-21
Deformation and cracking of solid wood furniture is a common problem, 'no split or crack, not called solid wood'. Solid wood furniture must have a certain probability of self-destruction. This is an iron fact, and it is also a nightmare shared by manufacturers and owners. The damage of expensive solid wood furniture is an extremely bad experience for the owner: he does not believe that such expensive furniture will produce problems that will not occur with so many cheap furniture, and they will inevitably fall into a kind of quality based on price. The thinking circle also believes that good quality must mean that it cannot be cracked and deformed. The derivation of the problem Many owners will bring long-preserved old furniture to new high-rise houses. These old homes have been owned for more than 20 years. They have been in the bungalows before. Some people are reluctant to throw them away and move to the building. Then comes cracking and deformation. This is not an exception. If we pay enough attention to it and have related associations, we can discover the key points of this problem. This is a fundamental factor that is mostly overlooked: the change of modern living environment is the main reason for the cracking and deformation of furniture, not the furniture itself. If it is a courtyard house or a bungalow, our furniture is almost maintenance-free, because the current building, floor heating, heating and other factors make the furniture not grounded, and the humidity around the furniture has also produced great changes. The furniture is very sensitive to temperature. In detail, if the moisture content of wood is 12%, it is regarded as the best humidity for furniture (different requirements in different regions). Winter heating in northern buildings will cause extremely dryness, and floor heating will cause transpiration. The moisture content should be 8%. , The summer is humid, the moisture should be 20%, so the furniture is in an environment where the temperature and humidity fluctuate sharply during the year. In addition, because of the long-term storage of white stubble furniture, especially the tables and chairs, they will be treated with excessive drying methods. In the storage process, it is not too deformed, and the consequences are obvious, which is a serious shortening of the life of the furniture. If the paint is completely enclosed, the facts have proved that only part of the problem is alleviated to a certain extent, but it still has not been fundamentally solved. Changes in the environment have become the biggest test for solid wood furniture, but after a few years, the problem is still widespread, and it seems that there is no way out. The first proves that it is true that the use environment changes have brought problems, and the second manufacturers have not kept pace with the times and continue to adopt the method of sewing and patching. So how to solve the problem? Painting? Accessories? structure? Plate? complex? Where is the key to solving the problem? We have been exploring hard. This is not to say 100% to solve the problem, but at least it will reduce the occurrence of problems. For furniture, structure is more than everything. Therefore, we believe that we must rely on craftsmanship and structure to solve the cracking and deformation of furniture. So what is it to make furniture have enough stability? The answer is to use the reasonable structure of modern furniture. The frame frame itself is the pillar of the furniture, it can make the panel thin and overall durable, because they are the main structure of the force. If the panel is thick enough, it can be directly used as a frame, it is the so-called solid wood furniture. Generally, there are few problems with the frame. Some of the problems are de-tenoning. Most of the grooves left when the board is installed are too shallow, leaving no room for expansion of the core board, which will directly open the mortise and tenon of the frame or other connecting structures. Another problem is due to the placement problem. For example, the weight of the wardrobe is very large. If the floor is uneven, you must find a good plane. Otherwise, over time, the weight will cause the overall frame to deform, although it will not be seriously damaged (wood is elastic). But it affects the experience of opening doors and drawers. Related reading: The principle of the expansion joints of solid wood furniture The longer, wider and thicker the panel is, the greater the prestress and the more uncontrollable it is, which is quite different from a uniform material. With the popularity of simplicity, many desktops and coffee tables are single-sided, which greatly increases the probability of cracking and deformation. If it is a traditional five-in-one mounting plate, although a circle of shrinkage joints will be left, the structure is indeed too stable. Many. If it is composite material or leather-laminated furniture, you don’t have to think too much. People want solid wood and simple, but they don’t need structure, and the problem will be directly exposed. There are not many ways to solve the problem. Generally speaking, thick panels (more than 40 mm) need to be dovetailed on the back, and ultra-wide panels (more than 80 cm in width) need to be crossed on the back to prevent tile-like warping. . If the panel is connected to the wooden frame below, a certain amount of room for movement (that is, the direction crossing the wood fiber) must be reserved, otherwise the wood will be stretched when the wood shrinks. In order to prevent hunchback warping, the super-long panel is generally controlled within 180 cm. If possible, try to stop in the middle as much as possible. The overall effect will not be affected, and the deformation rate will be reduced a lot, such as door panels. Because the door panel is upright, it does not face the problems of water ingress, debris, etc. like the desktop, and because it is not controlled by force, it is best to have a five-in-one board and tenon structure. The drawer panel) is made up of five pieces of wood. This can guarantee the component force and reduce the probability of deformation. Because of the pursuit of simplicity, single-panel doors are prone to structural problems, because usually only hinges are connected to other structures, so they are easier to deform, and need to be strengthened on the back to increase stability. Drawers with poor drawer structure generally have two problems: 1. The built-in panel cannot open the drawer after being damp, or the gap is too large after heating to crack in winter. If you want to reduce drawer problems, make a 5-degree slope on the top of the drawer panel, which will reduce a lot of after-sales service. 2. If the drawer bottom is made of solid wood, the direction should be as shown in the figure above, otherwise it will affect the use of the guide rail due to the large expansion coefficient.
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