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Complete solution of modern American furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-14
'Broken SistersIn fact, I can’t extricate myself from being addicted to American dramas because I have been fascinated by the furniture in the dramas for a long time! I really want to have a set of modern American furniture in my own home! It retains the atmospheric design of traditional furniture but is not too gorgeous, and can perfectly create a light With a small luxury accent, such modern American furniture is favored by more and more consumers, especially the younger generation of consumers. Today, Sister Mi will come to talk about modern American furniture with everyone. Basic literacy What is modern American furniture? The traditional American furniture that has been continuously developed since the 18th century is the integration of the works of various masters, but there is no specific style; while modern American furniture is more solemn than traditional, more colonial and American The original flavor of early furniture. It combines traditional British and French styles into a unique American classic style furniture (referred to as American furniture or modern American furniture). The main feature of modern American furniture is this: Inclusive America is a country of immigrants, and its immigrants come to various European countries, and its furniture also contains elements of European countries such as Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and so on. To this day, modern American furniture not only retains the elements of early European furniture, but also incorporates some totems expressing American cultural concepts, such as elephants, salmon, lions, eagles, and panthera, and some reflect the Indians. The totem of An’an culture has both European style and American personality. Extended reading: American furniture style classification and characteristics Practicality American furniture uses fine wood, which is generally thick, strong and durable. A piece of American furniture can generally last for decades or hundreds of years. In addition, American furniture lacks the splendor of European furniture, and the decorative habit of inlaid with gold and silver retains its spaciousness, expresses the casual and comfortable style of Americans, and becomes more practical. The innovation of innovative modern American furniture is mainly reflected in the structure and process design: the structural improvements have made modern American furniture adapt to modern hardware and have good strength. Modern American furniture painting technology makes the surface of furniture have depth and depth, or the so-called dilapidated technology can make the surface of furniture have a sense of vicissitudes, closer to nature, and closer to the consumer psychology of returning to nature. Design points and tricks to get the space layout of modern American furniture simple and straightforward. Abandon all cumbersome and luxurious, remove the fragmentary space division, remove the piled colors and furnishings, remove the complicated design furniture, and make the whole space look simple and extraordinary. The color matching is bright and quiet, and the overall space in the American minimalist style. The use of colors gives people a gentle and feminine feeling, which is a lifestyle with the meaning of new pop culture. The modern American-style minimalist style room emphasizes the brightness and clarity of the space in tones, and reduces the proportion of chroma in the color matching. Home furnishing style is harmonious and generous The spacious and generous home space, harmonious pigments create a warm and quiet comfortable environment, giving people a refreshing and bright visual experience, long-term viewing but not greasy, you can enjoy your own quiet time in this simple American style . The structural design is comfortable and practical. The traditional American furniture is mostly classical bent-leg style. The furniture, doors and windows are painted white, and the space environment shows a gorgeous and splendid atmosphere. What should I pay attention to when buying American furniture? First choose furniture and then decorate. Generally, families decorate first and then buy furniture. But for modern American furniture, furniture should be ordered first, and then according to the style and size of the furniture. Color to choose decoration style. Only in this way can the furniture and the overall environment of the room be harmonious and unified, and can truly reflect the charm of modern American furniture.
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