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Comparison of various material characteristics of solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-23
Pine furniture is very common, and some use imported pine from Brazil, Russia and other countries. The material is good. The processing technology of brand pine manufacturers is also relatively advanced. Good furniture is very expensive. The disadvantages are: the characteristics of pine wood determine that its processing technology is more complicated. Drying, degreasing, anti-corrosion treatment, etc., require high craftsmanship. If there are some defects or omissions in the processing, it is likely to cause the furniture made by it. It is easy to crack. Due to the high and complex process requirements, it is difficult to completely avoid omissions during processing, and it is impossible to achieve the best quality on every piece of furniture. Therefore, there is a certain chance of buying cracked pine furniture. This will increase a lot of trouble after the purchase, and it is uncertain whether there will be more cracks after a long time. Coupled with the high price of the brand's pine furniture and the softness of the pine material, it seems that this is not the most suitable choice. Cypress pure solid wood furniture is also very common, and you will occasionally see log furniture made of whole wood sticks. Cypress furniture is produced in Sichuan, where there are many cypress woods, and cypress wood is harder than pine. The disadvantage is that most of the cypress furniture can be seen using a lot of small pieces of finger joints to splice into large slabs, even the columns of the bed and other structural components. It is said that the structure of the finger joints will not affect the load-bearing performance of the components. However, when the temperature and humidity of the finger joint board changes throughout the year, such as humidity and heat, the paint and other surfaces of the finger joints are prone to cracks. Cypress has good water absorption performance. It is easy to swell in wet weather and shrink when it is hot and dry. Because of its good water absorption, the expansion-shrink ratio is also large, the possibility of cracks is high, and it is impossible to rely solely on measures such as waterproof paint on the surface. . Although it may not affect the load-bearing, if there are many cracks in the finger joint plate, it will greatly affect the appearance. In addition, the scent of cypress wood lasts for a long time, some for several years. It is mixed with the glue used to bond a large number of finger joint boards. It is a bit pungent and unclear about health. I don't like to smell this smell for a long time. Fir furniture is inferior wood like pine and cypress. Fir is more common. Most of them are used as hidden parts of wooden furniture, such as side panels, back panels, bottom panels, partitions of drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables, etc. , The bed board of the bed, etc., sometimes also used as the raw material of particleboard and fiberboard. Furniture made entirely of fir is rare, it is too low-end. Cunninghamia lanceolata is easy to dry, has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, is not easy to crack, and is durable, but it is light and soft and easy to split. Fir is a commonly used wood in folk furniture. If thicker fir board is used to make furniture, it is not used as the main load-bearing purpose. In fact, it is a good furniture material. It is economical, durable, and has no obvious characteristic defects. Beech wood is a common mid-range wood for making all-solid wood or even all-log furniture. There are more brand manufacturers of beech solid wood furniture in Guangdong, and the quality is also excellent, such as Nanfeng, Yufeng, Qifeng and so on. The natural beech furniture in Guizhou is all logs, but the price is much higher. The wooden beds of Nanfeng and others are all solid beech furniture, some of which use beech slats and wood-bonded parts, and the exterior is veneered with beech veneer, bedside cabinets, etc. Some man-made panels. Beech wood is heavy, heavier than most hardwoods, strong, impact resistant, orange-orange, soft tones, but easy to crack, which is said to be prone to cracks during kiln drying and processing. Judging from the thickness and heaviness of the beech wood furniture, it is in line with my quality requirements. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to crack when it is dry. It should be better in a humid climate like South China. It is the type of wood I prefer. The whole log is very expensive, and it will be much cheaper to use the adhesive board or the artificial board with veneer. Because of the veneer, no obvious joint marks can be seen from the outside. Rubber wood seems to be the lowest grade practical wood second only to Chinese fir, and low-end rubber wood furniture is sometimes inferior to Chinese fir. The wood grain of rubber wood is beautiful, the wood color is elegant, and the wood is hard. The disadvantage is that the wood contains a lot of sugar, it is perishable and insect-eaten. If the furniture you buy back is wormed because of the improper treatment of the wood, I don’t know if it will harm other wooden furniture and doors in the house, so I don’t dare to take any chances. . Zimu furniture, Zimu is an evergreen broad-leaved forest, mainly produced in the south of the Yangtze River Basin, widely distributed in Jiangxi, southern Hunan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and southeastern Yunnan. Shii Shu is full of treasures. The wood is strong, resistant to pressure, resistant to decay, and moisture, and is used for construction, bridges, pit pillars, wooden floors, furniture and other materials. Its fruit is also known as Castanea henryi, commonly known as hazelnut, and it is mostly edible or wine-making. Its bark contains tannic acid, which can be used for baking glue or dye. Judging from the information summarized above, Shiimu is one of the most excellent woods.
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