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Comparison of various furniture materials

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-28
Entering the colorful furniture market, can you tell which are pure solid wood furniture, which are imitation solid wood, which are solid wood veneer furniture, and which are panel furniture? Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of natural wood. Generally, the real pattern of wood can be seen on the surface of such furniture. Furniture manufacturers sometimes paint solid wood furniture with varnish or matt paint to show the natural color of wood. Panel furniture refers to furniture made of medium-density board or particleboard for surface veneer and other processes, which are very fashionable due to the variety of styles. Appearance and materials are better than others. In people’s impression, solid wood furniture is bulky mahogany furniture. In fact, solid wood furniture also has its many forms. Of course, as Chinese furniture gradually becomes popular, solid wood furniture has become more and more popular among fashionable people. Favor. Speaking of solid wood furniture, one is pure solid wood furniture. That is to say, all the materials used in the furniture are solid wood, including the tabletops, wardrobe doors, side panels, etc., are made of pure solid wood, and no other forms of wood-based panels are used. Pure solid wood furniture has high requirements for craftsmanship and materials, and the requirements for solid wood material selection, drying, finger jointing, and seaming are very strict. If the process is not strictly controlled, the small one will cause cracks and loose joints, and the large one will deform the entire furniture and make it unusable. The other is imitation solid wood furniture. The so-called imitation solid wood furniture is solid wood furniture from the appearance. The natural texture, feel and color of wood are exactly the same as solid wood furniture, but it is actually a mixture of solid wood and wood-based panels, that is, side panel top, bottom, shelf and other components. Particleboard or medium-density board veneer veneer. The doors and drawers are made of solid wood. This process saves wood and reduces costs, so the price is more acceptable. At present, most people see in the market are panel furniture, which refers to furniture made of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneer and other processes. A large part of this kind of furniture is wood-grain simulation furniture. At present, the veneers of some panel furniture sold on the market are becoming more and more realistic, with good gloss and hand feeling. Furniture products with fine craftsmanship are naturally expensive. The popularity of solid wood furniture with various characteristics depends on the person. It mainly caters to people's psychology of returning to nature. Its original flavor makes many people unable to give up, whether it is antique Chinese furniture or luxurious European classical furniture. , Solid wood furniture can be called the best of furniture. However, solid wood furniture also has its fatal flaws. The most important thing is that the change in moisture content makes it easy to deform, which requires special care. For example, do not allow sunlight, too cold or extreme heat, and too dry and humid environments are not suitable for solid wood furniture. If you do not pay attention to it during use, and frequent switching of the air conditioner causes excessive temperature and humidity changes, even qualified solid wood furniture products will sometimes deform and crack. In addition, the combination of solid wood furniture components usually adopts a tenon structure and adhesive, and the finished product generally cannot be disassembled, which is very inconvenient when moving. If the manufacturer is not strict, it is very easy to make inferior solid wood furniture into the consumer's home. Panel furniture is popular mainly because it has a variety of veneers, which can give people a variety of colors and textures. Another major feature of panel furniture is that it is not easy to deform. It can be said that the exterior design of panel furniture has more changes and more individuality. The combination of panel furniture usually uses a variety of metal hardware, which is very convenient for assembly and disassembly. Panel furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed many times. The disadvantages of panel furniture are mostly environmental protection. For example, some manufacturers use particleboard and other materials to produce, and if the veneer does not cover it, it is easy to release formaldehyde which is harmful to the human body. Furniture produced with wood-based panels with excessive formaldehyde will cause indoor environmental pollution. Consumers can open the cabinet door or drawer and smell it when buying. If there is a strong irritating smell, most of the formaldehyde exceeds the standard and should not be purchased. The price factor determines everything. As we all know, in addition to considering the style of furniture, the price factor is a key point that people cannot ignore, and the high price of solid wood furniture often makes most consumers stop. As far as solid wood furniture is concerned, the quality of its craftsmanship and the price of wood used directly affect the price of solid wood furniture. Therefore, when choosing solid wood furniture, we must first look at the material. For example, the price of mahogany is different for different tree species. For example, the price of red sandalwood is relatively higher than that of rosewood; the price of red beech and imported red beech is much higher than that of domestic red beech; there are also white oak, maple, teak, ash, and oak. , Elm and miscellaneous wood, etc. The higher the grade of solid wood used and the better the craftsmanship, the higher the price of its furniture. Generally speaking, in terms of price, the price of the same kind of wood, all solid wood furniture is much higher than the price of imitation solid wood, solid wood and wood-based panel furniture. The price of panel furniture is generally much lower than that of solid wood furniture, but it also depends on the quality of the brand. Generally speaking, the price of a large wardrobe made of domestic famous brand furniture is around 10,000 yuan. But it is undeniable that the price of some imported panel furniture with good workmanship and novel styles may far exceed the price of solid wood furniture with rough workmanship.
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