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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various materials in solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-24
Solid wood furniture has always been favored by consumers. There are countless brands of solid wood furniture in major furniture stores. In fact, solid wood furniture of various materials has certain attributes and advantages and disadvantages. Each type of wood has its advantages and disadvantages. The actual situation of the environment is the best way to choose solid wood furniture. For example, the humid areas in Shanghai with large temperature differences are suitable for stable wood to make furniture; while the northern areas are more suitable for wood such as elm and tough wood for furniture. Let's take you to know several solid wood furniture. 1. Fraxinus mandshurica furniture Recently, Fraxinus mandshurica furniture has been widely favored by solid wood furniture lovers at moderate prices. Its advantages: Fraxinus mandshurica has a slightly heavier material, hard patterns, beautiful structure, rough and easy processing, toughness, and good adhesion. Disadvantages: The general stability of drying is generally not easy to deform but easy to shrink. It is also susceptible to mealy beetles and common furniture beetles. 2. Camphor wood furniture I believe that everyone is familiar with camphor wood. Camphor wood rarely makes the whole piece of furniture and is usually used to make the backboard of the wardrobe. Advantages: Wood is a porous material with a strong and long-lasting fragrance. It can prevent insects, absorb moisture, eliminate odors, and purify the air, so it is very suitable for the backboard of the wardrobe. The disadvantage is that camphor wood contains camphor, which has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Pregnant women who have long-term contact with it are more likely to abort. Infants and young children may also have adverse reactions if they are stimulated by the smell of camphor wood for a long time. 3. Birch furniture Birch furniture is also a common furniture on the market. Its advantages are: furniture made of birch wood is easy to process, resistant to cut surfaces, smooth paint, and good bonding performance. The bark of birch is also more flexible and beautiful. Most manufacturers like to use birch as the core material of other furniture or as inlay material. Disadvantages: The fiber's poor shear resistance is easy to 'stubble and break'. Birch has many patterns at its roots and nodules, and it is also relatively hygroscopic, and it is easy to crack and warp when dry. Extended reading: The difference between rubber wood and oak furniture. Fourth, elm furniture. Everyone knows that Beiyu and South Beech are good wood for furniture. The hard elm wood is known as 'elm bumps'. The advantages of elm furniture: wood is tough and corrosion resistant; the hardness and strength are moderate for carving; the texture is clear and the pattern is beautiful. Disadvantages: Elm wood is not easy to dry. If the wood is not dried properly, the elm furniture made is prone to cracking and deformation. Elm is divided into old and new. New elm is easy to deform, long worms, and shrinks severely; old elm has old worm holes, old cracks, and old mortise holes in some places. 5. Oak furniture Oak furniture is more common in the market, divided into red oak and white oak. Most of the oak furniture is produced in foreign countries, such as American oak furniture. Its advantages: the wood of oak furniture is harder and more stable, the texture is clearer, the color is light and elegant, and the furniture made by it is durable. Disadvantages: The moisture in oak furniture is not easy to completely dry out. It is easier to rot after a long time.
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