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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of lacquering, waxing and oiling on mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-03
There are three surface treatment processes for mahogany furniture, one is lacquering, one is waxing, and the other is wiping oil. How to choose the three processes? Which of the three is better? In fact, this topic has been debated in the market. There are endless, and there are various theories. The advantages and disadvantages of lacquered furniture The lacquering process refers to the mahogany furniture using natural green environmentally friendly materials as the main raw material, and the surface treatment is carried out by manual methods such as repeated polishing and painting, so that the mahogany furniture is made. The wood grain is clear, smooth and smooth, the color is clear and luminous, and the hand feels comfortable. It not only protects the mahogany furniture, increases the appreciation space of the mahogany furniture, but also enhances its artistic appreciation value. But the same lacquer also has its shortcomings. The lacquered mahogany furniture conceals the real face of the wood, and the real effect is achieved by lacquering. Therefore, consumers are reminded that they must carefully distinguish the authenticity and beware of being deceived. The pros and cons of waxing process Waxing process is a decorative process for wood surface treatment of hardwood furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. The specific waxing process can be divided into three methods: the first one: hot wax. After the craftsman applies wax to the surface of the furniture, he uses a fire to melt the wax and burns the wax on the surface of the furniture, so it is called 'hot wax'. Later, with a blowtorch, it was convenient to bake wax. Later, using a hair dryer... etc. belong to the waxing process; the second type: wiping wax. A common practice so far is to apply wax and then repeatedly apply evenly, rub and polish repeatedly; the third method is wax melting. That is, the most common method used by northern craftsmen is to melt the wax with a torch and apply it to the surface of the furniture, and then repeatedly rub and polish it after drying. The waxing process not only shows the beautiful natural texture of the wood, but also forms a protective film on the wood, which can prevent the wood from being corroded by the external environment. With the passage of time, this protective film is constantly affected by factors such as air oxidation, hand touch, wipes wipes, etc., making the surface, edges, corners, and edges of the furniture appear natural, translucent, and moist. Such as the surface morphology of jade is the so-called 'padding'. The disadvantage of the waxing process is that the gloss is not enough. The brown eyes of the wood are exposed. If the brown eyes of the wood used are relatively large, it will affect the appearance. The wood grain of the unpainted furniture is clear, smooth and smooth, and the color is clear and bright. Visually comfortable. High-grade mahogany such as Hainan Huanghuali, Pterocarpus striata, and black rosewood have small brown eyes. The waxing process can well highlight the beautiful texture and color of the wood itself. Extended reading: The beauty of China's mahogany furniture culture and inheritance of the advantages and disadvantages of rubbing furniture The rubbing technique of mahogany furniture is mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and parts of the northwest. Rubbing oil is a high-quality craft discovered in modern times, and there are many fans in our country. Specific method: After the furniture is polished and polished, oiling (natural walnut oil) is used in the last process. After the oil is polished, a polishing wheel is used for high-speed polishing to allow the oil to enter the furniture and give the furniture a natural light and color. How to use: Use a clean soft cotton cloth or palm with a little walnut oil, and gently wipe back and forth along the wood grain of the furniture. But the amount of walnut oil must be appropriate, not easy to wipe too much, too much wood is difficult to absorb for a while, it will stay on the surface of the furniture, and it is easy to stay on the surface and stick to dust. The furniture after the product is oiled at the factory is generally oiled once a year and used in the driest season. After oiling, the mahogany furniture has the advantages of deep moisturizing, anti-cracking, anti-moth, anti-deformation, control of cracks, and natural luster. However, the mahogany furniture that has been rubbed with oil is prone to oil, and some of the fragrance of the furniture is lost. Lost the natural beauty of the precious mahogany furniture. It is difficult to tell which one is better than the other for the three surface treatment processes of mahogany furniture. However, in principle, there are still a few dividing lines whether it is lacquered, waxed or oiled. 1) Application for lacquering: furniture that does not move, areas with relatively humid climate, and consumers who are not good at playing; 2) Application for waxing: collectors who like to achieve 'the unity of mind and matter, and the integration of mind and matter' through playing; 3 )Applicable for rubbing oil: It is used in dry seasons and regions, and it is required to achieve innovative and aesthetic collection enthusiasts through play.
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