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Comparison of Fraxinus mandshurica and Oak

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-16
Oak is mainly produced in Europe and North America, and is currently produced in large quantities in Russia and the United States. In my country's Jilin, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Hubei and other places, oak wood is distributed in the same family as oak and has a similar texture. It is generally called oak together with oak in English. China’s Jilin and Liaoning once had large production, and Hubei Shennongjia and Shaanxi also produced a small amount of oak wood. However, the domestic production of oak wood is short and small, and there is no professional production in China, which is not an ideal furniture material. At present, the resources are limited. Due to forest protection measures, China's production has been very small. The domestic production of high-quality oak wood is rare, and high-quality oak still needs to be imported from abroad. The high-quality wood is nearly 10,000 yuan per cubic meter. This is also an important reason for the high price of oak furniture. The advantages of oak furniture: 1. It has a relatively distinct mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture. 2. Excellent toughness, can be processed into various curved shapes according to needs, which is quite beautiful. 3. Solid texture, firm structure and long service life. It is used in many ancient door and window grilles. 4. High-grade, suitable for making European-style furniture, Chinese-style classical furniture, showing a sense of solidity, with the dignity and stability of mahogany furniture, but the price is lower than that of mahogany furniture. 5. Oak has a fine texture, and there are many intrusions in the pipe hole, which is not easy to absorb water, is corrosion-resistant, and has high strength. European and American countries use it to store red wine. Disadvantages of oak furniture: 1. There are relatively few high-quality tree species, most of which are currently imported from Russia and the United States, and some are imported from Turkey, Austria, Germany and Canada. There are also many other regions in Europe and America that are produced, but the import volume is very small. 2. Usually imported oak boards have been rigorously dried abroad and have good stability. Some manufacturers directly import logs from abroad, cut and dry them themselves. At present, the stability of oak furniture made by many professional oak furniture manufacturers in China is very high. However, due to the hard and heavy oak texture, it is difficult to remove water. Furniture made without water removal may begin to deform or shrink and crack after a year or a half. 3. The phenomenon of replacing oak with rubber wood is common in the market. If the customer's professional knowledge is insufficient, it will directly affect the interests of consumers. Fraxinus mandshurica is an ancient remnant plant. Although it has a wide distribution area, it is mostly scattered and scattered. It is a national II-level key protected wild plant (approved by the State Council on August 4, 1999). Due to excessive logging, the number is declining. At present, large trees are rare. Fraxinus mandshurica sounds like a very beautiful wood name, which is reminiscent of the willow trees growing on the banks of the south of the Yangtze River. In fact, Fraxinus mandshurica is not a willow tree literally. Its common name is ash. Among the hard broad-leaved tree species, the tree grows faster and has a longer life span, with a tree age of up to 250 years. The wood is tough, dense and elastic, resistant to decay and moisture. The ash texture is straight and beautiful, and the wood is tough. It can be used to make all kinds of furniture, musical instruments, sports equipment, vehicles, ships, machinery and special construction materials. The advantages of Fraxinus mandshurica furniture: 1. The cut surface is very smooth, and the paint and stickiness are also very good. It is suitable for dry climates with very slight aging and little performance change. 2. The processing performance of Fraxinus mandshurica is very good. It can be fixed well with nails, screws and glue. It can be dyed and polished to obtain a good surface effect. 3. Fraxinus mandshurica has a tough material, beautiful texture, very good overall strength performance, good shock resistance and steam bending strength. It is a good material for making furniture. Extended reading: The difference between rubber wood and oak furniture. Disadvantages of Fraxinus mandshurica furniture: 1. Fraxinus mandshurica has no heartwood resistance. White wood is susceptible to mealy beetles and common furniture beetles. It is not easy to dry, and is easy to crack. 2. Fraxinus mandshurica solid wood furniture has a large deformation. It is made of solid solid wood. Small wooden pieces are used for splicing. Large pieces of wood shrink and deform greatly, which is not suitable. Some Fraxinus mandshurica furniture is basically the main frame of Fraxinus mandshurica solid wood, and a large area is covered with solid wood of manchurian mandshurica. This is also because of the large deformation and shrinkage of manchurian mandshurica. Comparing the two types of wood, one is exhausted and the other is rich in resources. Oak should be cheaper. But in fact, the price of Fraxinus mandshurica (this only refers to the small size of Fraxinus mandshurica) is not as high as that of oak. If we go deeper, it is because oak is an imported material. The original high production cost plus high tariffs and freight, and the increase in domestic demand, make the price continue to rise. With the increasingly depleted resources of Fraxinus mandshurica, it is difficult to find large-scale wood cubes on the market, and there are no materials to choose from. People have gradually given up their preference for it and switched to other wood species, and the demand is getting smaller and smaller. Naturally, the price cannot go up. Therefore, from the perspective of price, choosing Fraxinus mandshurica is more advantageous, but from the perspective of sustainability, you should still choose oak furniture. Considering the color and texture of the wood, these two materials are excellent. The color of Fraxinus mandshurica is more stable, and the white oak is more clean and delicate.
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