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Common types of wood for solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-22
At present, the main tree species suitable for furniture and decoration are: Fraxinus mandshurica, Northeast elm, Merano, camphor, basswood, birch, color wood, teak, beech, cherry, red sandalwood, cypress, yew, red pine, Oak wood, yellow pineapple, walnut tree, Schima superba, rosewood, mahogany, neem, toon, wild jujube, etc. In order to accurately identify tree species and use timber appropriately, it is necessary to fully understand the performance characteristics of some commonly used timbers. Fraxinus mandshurica: its tree is slightly hard, straight texture, coarse structure, beautiful pattern, corrosion resistance, good water resistance, easy to process but not easy to dry, high toughness, good bonding, paint and coloring properties, and good decoration Performance, it is currently the most used wood for furniture and interior decoration. Eucalyptus: its material is moderate in weight, the texture is straight or oblique and staggered, the structure is slightly thick, it is easy to process, and the bonding performance is good. Slightly warped and cracked during the drying process. Poplar: Commonly used wood in northern my country, its quality is soft, stable, cheap and easy to obtain. It is often used as the accessory material of elm furniture and the fetal bone of lacquer furniture on antique furniture. This is the so-called poplar, also known as 'small-leaf poplarPoplar often has a 'sorrowful taste' and is lighter and softer than birch. The birch is slightly fragrant and often has very fine brown-black water-soaked lines. This is the difference between the two. Walnut tree: its wood is shiny, the texture is straight or oblique, the structure is slightly thick, the drying speed is slow, but it is not easy to warp, the wood is good in toughness, easy to process, and the cutting surface is smooth. Good performance in bending, painting and bonding, and strong nailing force. Yellow pineapple: its wood is shiny, straight texture, coarse structure, obvious uniform annual rings, soft material, easy to dry, good processing performance, material color and pattern are very beautiful, good paint and bonding performance, medium nailing force, not easy to split ; Good corrosion resistance, it is used for high-end furniture and plywood. Oak: its wood has a large specific proportion, hard texture, large shrinkage and high strength. The structure is dense, not easy to saw, the cutting surface is smooth, easy to crack, warp and deform, and not easy to dry. Moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, not easy to glue, good coloring performance. Currently, decorative wooden floors are used more. Cinnamomum camphora: its wood has aroma, can be antiseptic and insect-proof. The material is slightly lighter, not easy to deform, easy to process, smooth and shiny, with good durability and good bonding performance. The color is beautiful after painting. White birch: its material is slightly heavier and harder, with fine structure, strong mechanical strength and full of elasticity. Warping and cracking easily occur during the drying process, with good bonding performance and smooth cutting surface. The corrosion resistance is poor, and the paint performance is good. Birch: Produced in Northeast China, the wood is delicate, pale and yellowish, and the fiber has poor shear resistance and is easy to 'stubble and break.' There are many patterns on its roots and nodules. The ancients often used it to make door cores and other decorations. Its bark is flexible and beautiful. Pu Ren is very emotional about this, often inlaid with scabbards and arched backs. Only its wood is juicy and deformed after being finished. Therefore, it is rare to see a table and chair fir made of birch wood: its material is light and soft, easy to dry, small shrinkage, does not warp and crack, has good durability, is easy to process, and has a thicker cut surface. It has medium strength, easy splitting, and good bonding performance. It is the most commonly used mid-grade wood for furniture and decoration in southern provinces. Elm: beautiful pattern, coarse structure, good processability, coating, adhesiveness, poor drying, easy to crack and warp. Beech wood: hard material, straight texture, fine structure, wear-resistant and shiny, not easy to deform when dry, good processing, coating, and adhesion. Camphor wood: It is found in every province in Jiangnan, and Taiwan and Fujian are abundant. The diameter of the tree is large, the wood is wide, the pattern is beautiful, especially with a strong fragrance, which can keep the insects away. my country's camphor wooden boxes are well-known at home and abroad, including suitcases, lying boxes (royal clothes boxes), top boxes and other varieties. Only a few cases of tables and chairs are mostly in Beijing. The old woodware shop divides camphor wood into several types according to its shape, such as red camphor, tiger skin camphor, sassafras, rosewood camphor, watercress camphor, white camphor, shipboard camphor and so on. Walnut: Shanxi Luliang and Taihang Ershan are rich in walnuts. Walnut wood is the finest material for Jin made furniture. The wood is polished and waxed by water. It will have a hardwood-like luster, its quality is fine and non-sexual, it is easy to carve, and its color is pale and soft. The products are available in Ming and Qing dynasties, and most of them are top-quality ones. Available or hidden. Its wooden features only have fine, needle-like brown eyes and light yellow filaments like annual rings. Weight and elm etc. Catalpa wood: The non-fruitful walnut wood is called Catalpa by the folks. The brown eyes of Catalpa wood are flat and dull, and the color is dark and soft and less shiny, but its shrinkage is small. It can be used as a door core, desktop core, etc. It is often used with Korean wood and walnut wood. Catalpa is lighter than walnut, has darker color, loose texture, and large and scattered brown eyes.
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