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Common types and identification methods of Yahua pears

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-13
Different from rosewood, although Yahuali is slightly inferior in value, there are some varieties that deserve attention. More importantly, when buying mahogany furniture, you should know how to distinguish it. Let me introduce you to Yahuali. Common species of sub-rose pear There are 4 common sub-rose wood species, namely, Angola red sandalwood, color red sandalwood, African red sandalwood and Angel red sandalwood, which are mostly produced in tropical African countries such as Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. 1. An's Pterocarpus: Commonly known as Smelly Pear or Chifrey, the heartwood is light yellow, and the new cut surface has an unpleasant smell. 5. Other Pterocarpus woods: Andaman Pterocarpus (0, 69~0, 87 g/cm3) and Indian Pterocarpus (0, 53~0, 94 g/cm3) may have an air-dry density less than 0, 76 g/cm3 ). 2. African Red Sandalwood: Commonly known as African Safflower Pear, the color of the heartwood is very different. The new cut surface is blood red, and it becomes purple-brown in the air for a long time. It has a creamy aroma, and the air-dry density is about 0, 72g/cm3. 3. Angolan red sandalwood: the color of the heartwood varies greatly, from brown to purple-brown, sometimes with dark stripes, the wave marks on the string section are not obvious, the wood has a weak aroma, and the air-dry density is 0, 51~0, 72 g/ between cm3. 4. Color-changing red sandalwood: The new cut surface of the heartwood is light yellow, and it turns into pink when it is left in the air for a long time, and the air-dry density is between 0, 41~0, and 5 g/cm3. Extended reading: Redwood furniture purchase and collection identification features The following are the basic identification features of the two 'Asian PearsAngolan red sandalwood: The sapwood is light gray or yellow, with a width of 3-5cm. The color of the heartwood ranges from brown to purple-brown, sometimes with dark stripes, which is clearly different from the sapwood. The growth rings of Angolan red sandalwood are clear, the wood is shiny, and there is a weak aroma. This kind of wood has low shrinkage, medium weight, and air-dry density of about 0, 64g/cm3. African red sandalwood: The tree is 15-30m high and 60-100cm in diameter. It is produced in Nigeria, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Golden), Ghana, Gabon, Angola, Cameroon and other places. The wood heartwood is orange-red, brick-red or purple-red, often with dark stripes, and scratches are visible; the water extract of wood shavings or sawdust is fluorescent and has a strong aroma. African red sandalwood has fine structure, interlaced texture, low wood shrinkage, medium weight, and basic density of 0, 55-0, 67g/cm3.
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