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Common sense of design of porch shoe cabinet

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-16
In home design, many owners like to design the entrance hallway at the entrance as a shoe cabinet to facilitate entering the door to change shoes. The porch, as the first scenic line after entering the door, naturally leaves a delicate and elegant first impression. Therefore, if you want to have both aesthetics and practicality, you must first understand the design common sense of the porch shoe cabinet. There are three main ways to place the porch shoe cabinet, which are wall-mounted, partition cabinet and porch cabinet. The wall-to-wall porch shoe cabinet leaning on the wall next to the door allows the owner to put bags, mobile phones and other items on the cabinet when entering the door, and then change shoes. This is a more practical design. In addition, exquisite paintings can be hung on the walls to create a good living atmosphere. This kind of design needs to pay attention to that the size should be measured to ensure that the size of the shoe cabinet is just right. Partition cabinet style The shoe cabinet is placed horizontally between the entrance aisle and the living room, so that the shoe cabinet becomes the partition between the aisle and the living room, and also serves as the shoe cabinet function, which is a relatively good design solution. The porch cabinet is placed on the opposite side of the door against the wall. The advantage of this placement is that you can place decorative paintings and decorations above the shoe cabinet, or place fresh green plants next to the shoe cabinet, which will make people shine as soon as the door is opened. a feeling of. The main points of the design of the entrance shoe cabinet should be unified with the style of the room. The shoe cabinet is not a single individual, so it should be coordinated with the home decoration style of the whole house in terms of color, shape and style. Considering the overall practicality, it is more recommended not to blindly follow the trend when choosing a shoe cabinet. Only the style that suits your own home improvement is the best. Appropriate functional extension The function of the entrance shoe cabinet should not be limited to putting shoes, it can be extended appropriately. For example, divide the cabinet into four parts: indoor shoes or slippers are placed on the bottom shelf; shoes, shoe polish, and hardware tools are placed on the middle layer for easy maintenance. In addition, a recessed platform can be set for bags, mobile phones, keys or plants; The upper wall cabinet puts shoes that are not often worn; a certain space is left on the side designed as a temporary cloakroom, where you can hang hats, scarves and coats that you took off when you enter the door. The entrance shoe cabinet with a mirror installed on the door like this not only makes full use of the space, but also facilitates the owner to organize his appearance before going out. Size design The size of the entrance shoe cabinet should be designed according to ergonomics. Generally speaking, the depth of the shoe cabinet is 35-40cm, and the size is no more than 30cm. The size of men's shoes and women's shoes is not much different. This size is sufficient for the shoes to be placed properly without making the laminates appear abrupt. If you put a shoe box in a shoe cabinet, you need to have a depth of 38-40cm. If you put golf clubs, vacuum cleaners and other items in the shoe cabinet, the depth should be more than 40cm. Extended reading: The height of the detailed internal dimensions of the shoe cabinet should be about 15 cm. If the hostess has more high heels or boots, a higher area should be reserved; the length is mainly 2-3 pairs of shoes per layer, and the design should be measured in advance Good data, avoid an area that is only enough for half a pair of shoes. In order to meet the height difference of men's and women's shoes, the active layer can be designed as an active layer when designing the shoe cabinet, so that the layer can be adjusted according to the height of the shoe. In addition, when placing shoes, men’s and women’s shoes can be placed in layers. For example, some low-top or children’s shoes can be placed between the lower layers of the shoe cabinet, and high-heeled shoes can be placed on the higher shoe layer, which can not only lift the shoe cabinet. The storage function, and can add a place for different styles of shoes. Ventilation and moisture-proof performance The shoe cabinet must put shoes after all, and keep the ventilation and ventilation to avoid the smell of the shoe cabinet. In the selection of the shoe cabinet door, you can choose a louver type, so that the breathability of the shoe cabinet can be maintained. When entering the house, let the shoes that you take off are ventilated and dried before putting them in the shoe cabinet to avoid bringing the moisture of the shoes into the shoe cabinet. The bottom of the porch shoe cabinet is designed to be suspended 25 cm to allow fresh outside air to flow in and disperse the cabinet. Smell and moisture. If the environment is too humid, you can install exhaust fans and moisture-proof rods in the shoe cabinet. Precautions for the design of the porch shoe cabinet The porch shoe cabinet should have a door. If the shoes are stacked in a mess without cover, it will be more embarrassing to have a friend. With the cover of the door, the entrance shoe cabinet can look elegant and natural. When the entrance is narrow, the swing door will be uncomfortable to use. It is recommended to install sliding doors in the shoe cabinet. If the aisle space at the entrance is too small and there is nowhere to put the shoe cabinet, consider choosing a non-load-bearing wall as an embedded porch shoe cabinet. You can set up shoe cabinet partitions appropriately according to the season or family members. If the entrance space is small and there are too many shoes, it will be too messy to put them all together. Consider putting only the shoes you often wear, and other shoes need to find another 'safe place'. The entrance shoe cabinet should be short rather than high, it should be one-third the height of the wall, or half the height of the head of the household.
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