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Common carving techniques of classical furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-04
The carving in classical furniture is the art of carving and decorating wooden furniture objects with sharp hand tools. As the most common decoration method of mahogany furniture, the carver is required to cut out the image and space through carving and engraving, from the outside to the inside, step by step to reduce the waste, and gradually excavate the shape to reveal it. Mature carving not only requires the craftsman to have a certain degree of wrist strength, but also requires a certain degree of painting skills. It is possible to use the knife like a pen and use all kinds of knives freely. Only in such a subtractive sculpting process can you feel that the furniture is in the craftsmanship. Under the superb craftsmanship of the teachers, they put on new makeup and were given new vitality and charm. As the main decorative technique of furniture, exquisite carvings contain endless aesthetic connotations, and their aesthetic value far exceeds the external value of the furniture itself, and it is a treasure of classical art. Common carving techniques include relief carving, open carving, round carving, comprehensive carving and so on. There are four commonly used methods of furniture carving. According to the different carving materials, there can be wood carving, brick carving, stone carving, jade carving, tooth carving, etc. The carving of furniture is mainly wood carving. According to the introduction in 'Modern Chinese Mahogany Furniture' edited by Liu Peng, an associate researcher of the Institute of Wood Industry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the common forms or techniques of modern mahogany furniture carving include wire carving, relief carving, open carving and round carving. Thread carving is generally a method of using a V-shaped triangular knife to create a negative line on a plane. The carved patterns or pictures are vivid and beautiful, and the lines are smooth and free. The mahogany furniture also uses the form of shovel to show the sun pattern pattern, also called line carving, such as the tooth strip of the table case. Relief refers to a form of carving where the pattern is higher than the bottom surface. It is most used in furniture decoration. According to the level of the pattern, it is divided into deep relief and bas relief. Among the two types, there is a distinction between insight and invisibility, and insight is also different between flat and Jindi. Related reading: The historical evolution of Chinese classical furniture style. Open carving refers to a carving method of hollowing out the foundation without leaving any space to express the overall image of the sculpture. Some furniture needs to be seen on both sides, called 'double-sided carvingThe method of hollowing is to use a wire saw to draw the hollow before carving, or it can be 'half hollowed and half carvedRound carving is a three-dimensional carving form, which is often used on both ends of thrones, clothes racks, and high basin stands to form dragon heads or phoenix heads. The tiger claws on the feet of the kang table, as well as all kinds of clip flowers, are all round sculptures.
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