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Colorful kitchen scenery

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-13
In addition to considering its practical value, the color of the cabinet in the kitchen is also very important, because it directly affects the mood of people dining. At the beginning of the design, people should according to their own preferences, and then deduce the feeling of the kitchen and dining room through the main color. White: Pure and flawless, spotless, white-based kitchen cabinets present a simple, elegant and clean feeling. For those who like clean and quiet, it is undoubtedly the best choice. The contrast of white and black will make it. A simple and calm effect, white and any color matching will be very harmonious. Pure and flawless white kitchen yellow: yellow in the traditional sense is a symbol of dignity, light yellow can be matched with a variety of colors to produce satisfactory results, such as blue, green, red, etc., and bright apricot yellow will Create an unrestrained mood of youth. Blue: This is a dream-like color that gives people a clear and romantic feeling. The blue is more fresh and elegant under the white background. It is full of decorative flavors, allowing the soul of noisy souls to dock in a peaceful harbor. Especially suitable for white-collar workers who work hard. Blue and yellow match, I feel full of light, and I am particularly awake. Embellish the blue cabinets with orange and red to add a sense of liveliness and activity to the depth. The bold use of gray-blue as the main color brings a refreshing mood. Fantastic blue kitchen green: relaxed and comfortable, pleasing to the eye is the first impression of green. The change in shades of green makes people feel refreshed, from light green to gray-green, and then dark green. The colors of outdoor and indoor gradually transition, light green like the floor of the field, yellow cabinet like autumn leaves, and dark green like the countertop of pine needles. The natural scenery makes people feel relaxed. The combination of light green and light blue can make the kitchen full of vitality. Wood color: This is a kind of pastoral color that returns to the original nature. It is placed in a space constructed by simple solid wood and decorated with flowers and plants. It will make life more rural and beneficial to physical and mental health. Many elderly, stable and owners prefer wooden cabinets. When possible, the simplicity of wood is complemented by light blue and dark green, which can accentuate the warm feeling. Red: Passionate and unrestrained, festive and auspicious, this is the spirit of red. Red is the most appropriate for newlyweds to show the vitality of life, and red can stimulate appetite. Alternating red and white can make the whole more changeable and vibrant. The combination of red and yellow has an overwhelming enthusiasm, supplemented by the festive and auspicious use of old-fashioned furniture, will make the cabinets show a new and prosperous atmosphere. Simple and heavy silver-gray kitchen silver-gray: It seems to come from space, it is the product of modern civilization, and it symbolizes efficiency, health, and positivity. The silver ash shows its weight in the simplicity and restores a peaceful state of mind. This hue is attached to the exquisitely cut cabinet space, like an aircraft inviting to space.
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