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Color rubbing and construction technology is easy to understand and practical

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-03
In the process of home improvement, you will always encounter some very professional terms, such as: rubbing the color treasure. When we heard it, we didn't understand it. The curious baby forced us to collect relevant information before we suddenly realized that it was just such a thing. Chasebao is a paint specially designed for decorative trimming. It is easy to apply and the color effect can be fully controlled by the constructor. Advantages of wiping color treasure 1. Simple construction, no time limit for coloring, no color difference after 1 hour to 8 hours of scrubbing, safe and worry-free, and it can be left for about 24 hours. 2. It is suitable for the surface color modification of various wood materials, and the wood texture is clearer and natural after use. 3. After rubbing the coloring, the primer and topcoat will not bite the bottom and will not fade. 4. Wipe the primer on the rubbing treasure, high cost and difficulty without spraying, time and labor saving, simple coloring construction, only need brush, cotton cloth to complete, the color effect is bright and full, old renovation is no longer difficult to solve. 5. The color wiper can replace some quick-drying color wiper (usually wipe off in 8-10 minutes). The time is difficult to control, and color will be produced if you are not careful. There is a big difference between good and bad wiping treasures. 1. Primer requires different drying time: poor wiping treasure: the primer must be dried for two or three days before the color can be wiped; good wiping treasure: you can wipe the color at most overnight, If the weather is good, the primer made in the morning can be painted in the afternoon. 2. The speed of drying is different: poor rubbing color treasures: dry too fast, most of them need to be rubbed in 3-5 minutes, and some are about 10 minutes long. This kind of product will inevitably be wiped because it dries too quickly. It is difficult for the master to control the different colors before and after the time; a good color wiper: it dries slowly, and it can be wiped from ten minutes to a few hours. This kind of product will not cause color difference between the front and back of the wiping time. The master doesn't need to control the time with his will. 3. The scope of application of wiping: the poor shishibao can only wipe the color on the primer; the good shishibao can wipe the color on the primer, the topcoat, and the topcoat of the old furniture. 4. Oil running: The poor Ruby Color will run seriously (that is, the Ruby Color will not stay on the surface when rubbed on the paint surface, but run around like water droplets on the glass, so there will often be markings when rubbed. ); This kind of phenomenon does not occur with good rubbing treasures. 5. The problem of joints: the poor color rubbing of the same plane will produce joints; the good rubbing color of the same plane will not produce joints. 6. Bottom biting problem: If the primer is thinner, if the primer is thinner, it will bite the bottom when doing the open style; the good color wiping treasure will do the same for the open style and won't bite the bottom. The construction process of Chasebao 1. Sealing primer for the bottom plate once. 2. Sanding and sanding, the primer is applied open 1-2 times (closed 2-3) times. 3. After drying, sanding and polishing, the dust is cleaned up. 4. Primer: A: Closed type is to spray the primer uniformly; B: Open type is to spray the topcoat uniformly; (to be dried for 12-36 hours, specific to dry and polished non-stick sandpaper, which is required in winter Prolong the time appropriately, not polished) Adjust the time according to the weather and temperature changes. 5. Brush the selected toner evenly, wait for about 40 minutes, and dry it with a semi-damp cloth or a dry cloth. (If you need cotton, it is recommended to use a brush to repair it several times between 2 and 10 minutes after finishing the color. Depending on the site environment and weather conditions, the time can be extended appropriately. The color can be diluted by the master with a special thinner. Or add a special high-concentration color concentrate to deepen the color by yourself, and then wipe it with cotton, gauze or a special color-wiping cloth evenly, and can not be sanded. 6. After the color is finished, let it dry for 20-60 minutes, and then spray it for transparency. Topcoat 1-2 times. Related reading: Precautions for water-based paint construction process analysis 1. Keep out of children's reach, keep the construction site well ventilated and keep away from fire. 2. Avoid contact with skin or eyes, if accidentally splashing into eyes Please rinse with clean water in time. If you still feel unwell, please consult a doctor. If it leaks accidentally, it is advisable to use sand, gravel, soil or other absorbent materials to absorb the spilled substance, and then put it into a suitable container, in accordance with local regulations Proceed to a source of fire protection to ensure air circulation and proper human protection.
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