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Color matching website collection, designers quickly get!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-06
A good color scheme determines the quality of a website design to a large extent. A reasonable choice of color scheme fits the purpose of the website design, and at the same time it can more accurately convey the content and ideas expressed by the website products. This kind of color scheme The idea is also applicable in home furnishing and furniture design. Here are 18 famous color matching websites for designers, hurry up and collect them! 01. The Material Palette helps you generate and export Material Design color matching templates. Link address: http://www.materialpalette.com/02, New Flat UI Color Picker The best flat UI design color scheme link address: http://www.flatuicolorpicker.com/03, Flat UI Colors beautiful flat Color matching. Link address: http://flatuicolors.com/04, Coolors' super fast color scheme generation tool Link address: http://coolors.co/05, Skala Color's high-quality color picking tool link for designers and developers Address: http://bjango.com/mac/skalacolor/06, a simple tool for Couleurs to help you grab and adjust colors on the screen. Link address: http://couleursapp.com/ Related reading: Home Color Trends in 2015 07 , Material UI Colors for the Web, Android and iOS, Material ui color template link address: http://www.materialui.co/colors08, Colorful Gradients computer automatically generated color scale link address: http://colorfulgradients.tumblr .com/09, Adaptive Backgrounds extracts the main color link address from the image: http://briangonzalez.github.io/jquery.adaptive-backgrounds.js/10, Brand Colors's well-known brand color scheme link address: http:// brandcolors.net/11, Palletton color scheme design link address: http://paletton.com/12, 0 to 255 Help web designers find a certain color of the same color matching tool link address: http://www.0to255 .com/13, Colour Lovers create and share color matching and color scheme link address: http://www.colourlovers.com/14, Adobe Color CC link address of high-quality color combination from the Kuler community: https://color.adobe. com/create/color-wheel/15, Bootflat is a perfect color scheme from flat design Link address: http://bootflat.github.io/color-picker.html16, Hex ColorrrsHex to RGB converter link address: http:/ /hex.colorrrs.com/17, Coleure intelligent color picking tool link address: https://www.coleure.com/18, Colllor color scheme generation tool link address: http://colllor.com/
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