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Collectors need to know: How to taste sandalwood and red sandalwood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-19
In the current Chinese art market, there are high-priced auctions and popular collections comparable to calligraphy, calligraphy and porcelain. Non-classical furniture is none other than classical furniture. With the increasing number of collectors and lovers of classical furniture, there are more and more people studying furniture wood. many. Qing Dynasty Yongzheng-Qianlong Dynasty Red Sandalwood Column Screen with Girdle Throne Beijing Poly's 2016 Spring Sale of 19.95 million yuan In ancient China, there are many records about the application of red sandalwood. It is mentioned in the 'Book of Songs' that during the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, red sandalwood was used to make vehicles. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, red sandalwood was mostly used in the manufacture of musical instruments. For example, the Luodian red sandalwood banjo of the Tang Dynasty that is now in the Shocangyuan, Japan. In the Yuan Dynasty, red sandalwood began to be used in palace construction. For example, the name of each palace at that time recorded in the 'Forbidden Bian' written by Wang Shidian of the Yuan Dynasty was 'Red Sandalwood (West) Hall'. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially during the Jiaqing and Daoguang reigns, sandalwood and red sandalwood were regarded as the special wood for palace furniture. However, most of the Indian native red sandalwood in the palace was collected in the Ming Dynasty, but the Ming Dynasty preferred the bright and bright huanghuali furniture, and the red sandalwood logs collected were left to the Qing Dynasty. It was not until the late Kangxi period that the source of huanghuali was scarce. In addition, glass doors and windows were installed in the imperial palace and local palaces in the mid-Qianlong period, and the indoor lighting conditions were improved, and the original red sandalwood was used. The Qing Dynasty Qianlong red sandalwood high-relief Kowloon passion lotus pattern top box type large four-piece cabinet Beijing Poly in the spring of 2013 sold 93.15 million yuan There is only one type of red sandalwood used in Ming and Qing furniture, namely sandalwood red sandalwood, and the rest are marked in the product name. Into the rosewood category. Sandalwood red sandalwood is a fine product among red sandalwood. Its most notable feature is its high density and small brown eyes. The texture is the hardest among many woods, the texture is fine, the color is rich, there are scarlet, deep purple, purple black and purple yellow color materials. The growth of sandalwood and red sandalwood is very slow, so some people say that it cannot become a wood unless it is a thousand years old. Its yield rate is extremely low. Red sandalwood has been cut out in the Ming Dynasty, but has not yet revived in the Qing Dynasty, and its resources are almost exhausted. This is also an important reason why it is cherished by the world. Extended reading: Sandalwood and red sandalwood furniture. There are some simple ways to identify red sandalwood if you buy rough or not. For example, use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to rub the surface of the red sandalwood. If the cotton ball is purple, the wood is red sandalwood. Or you can immerse the scraped wood chips in the wine, if you can see the red silk strips, it is red sandalwood. Red sandalwood can be divided into old and new. To identify new and old red sandalwood, scientific identification methods cannot be used, nor can the wood be intercepted and sent to professional institutions for testing. It can only be identified through traditional methods of identifying works of art. The simplest way is to observe, you can see that the new wood is reddish in color and the old wood is purple; the new wood is easy to fade, but the old wood is relatively stable. The new red sandalwood has a larger specific gravity, strong oiliness, natural texture and smoother color. Generally, after the finished product, the surface of the woodware is treated with traditional non-transparent hot waxing to retain the original wood appearance of the rosewood. The surface of the finished furniture will be purple-red and purple-black, the texture is not messy, the pattern is less or almost no pattern or texture (including gold star, gold wire or cow hair pattern). If you observe with a magnifying glass of 60 to 100 times, you can see the golden pterocarpus in the tube hole. Qing Qianlong imperial red sandalwood lacquer inlaid jade round large seat screen (a pair) was sold at Christie’s 2010 spring auction for RMB 27.537 million. If the surface of the furniture is coated with wax or lacquer that changes the color of the wood, or the material is deliberately worn out, the viewer will be attracted There is a vague feeling when you look at it, so nine out of ten of the materials used in this furniture are fake red sandalwood, or mixed with other woods. If the red sandalwood furniture is newer or better preserved, you can see its natural color and texture on the surface, which is easy to identify. If the age is too long or if it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, the surface of red sandalwood furniture will produce off-white or light brown color. Such red sandalwood furniture is not easy to identify, and it is also called old red sandalwood. Although the appearance of the surface will change, the delicate and smooth hand feel unique to red sandalwood is irreplaceable. This kind of furniture will quickly reveal its original texture after being waxed. (Original title: Appreciation Class | Wang Fei: Collection and Tasting of Sandalwood and Red Sandalwood)
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