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Cognition of the advantages and disadvantages of Catalpa furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-23
Catalpa wood is a relatively high-quality furniture material. Catalpa wood veneer will turn black when exposed to water, the section wood grain is straight, the wood nodules are black, the wood is lighter, and the structure is rough and soft. Catalpa is less scarred than pine, and its texture is clearer. When processed into furniture, Catalpa furniture is easier to color. The main frame of Catalpa wood furniture sold on the market now is made of Catalpa wood, and the other parts are made of wood. Therefore, when purchasing Catalpa wood furniture, consumers must ask the salesperson if it is pure Catalpa wood furniture or a combination of board and wood furniture. It is specified in the purchase contract. In addition, consumers should not be greedy for small bargains when buying Catalpa wood furniture, and it is best to go to those Catalpa wood furniture brands with good reputation. The advantages and disadvantages of Catalpa furniture: Judging from the appearance alone, walnut Catalpa is not particularly outstanding. Walnut wood does not have the dramatic mountain-shaped pattern of beech wood, not as good as the golden color of teak wood, and does not have the zigzag texture of old elm wood. But walnut tree has another elegant taste. The plain texture is like flowing water, clear and uniform, with few knots, and its rustic characteristics fit well with the rural style. Walnut was formerly a hard miscellaneous wood, with moderate density, excellent toughness, good processing performance, not easy to crack and deform, and its wear resistance is also good. However, the arrangement of brown eyes is dull, dark in color, soft and less shiny, tracheids are relatively thick, wood rays are obvious, not easy to dry, processing must be more difficult than other woods, and the price is more expensive. Catalpa is a kind of pharmacological wood, it can relieve fatigue. The non-fruitful walnut wood is called 'catalpa' by the folks. It has a wide range of uses and is called the 'king of a hundred woods'. It has the functions of silencer, dust retention, and drug use. Catalpa wood has a clear and simple texture, which is especially suitable for country-style furniture.
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