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Classification of furniture types

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-12
With the continuous upgrading of home decoration, as the most commonly used furniture in the room, significant changes have also taken place. Furniture has transformed from a single practicality in the past to a combination of decoration and individuality. Therefore, all kinds of trendy furniture have also appeared on the market. Polyester furniture: Originated in Italy, it emerged in China in the 1990s. According to different finishing processes, polyester furniture is divided into two categories: one is polyester spraying, and the other is polyester inverted molds. In addition to various color coatings or transparent decorations on polyester furniture, other materials or additives can also be added to implement different processes to make stickers, silver beads, pearls, pearl bursts, marbles, and magic on the surface. Color and other decorations to produce good results. At present, the common panel furniture in furniture stores is mostly polyester furniture, which occupies an important position in the market. Solid wood furniture: In recent years, it has become a new trend in furniture consumption, and it is the choice of people's consumption taste after returning to nature. The materials of solid wood furniture are mostly autumn wood, elm wood, oak, ash, mahogany and so on. Some solid wood furniture also uses solid wood slices to cover the surface of the furniture. Such solid wood furniture is certainly inferior to all logs. Most solid wood furniture maintains its natural color and presents a beautiful wooden pattern. The well-made natural wood furniture will not crack, blacken, or warp, giving people a back-to-the-natural feeling. Metal furniture: It is made of stainless steel and bronze metal materials, which has the unique charm of grace and luxury. Metal furniture is easy to transport, detachable and not easy to damage. In addition, some novel furniture such as upholstered furniture, plastic furniture, steel-wood furniture, rattan and willow furniture are also on the market, and are loved by consumers. From the perspective of furniture structure, furniture has shifted from the traditional frame structure to today's plate structure. Disassembly and assembly furniture that has been popular abroad for many years has also begun to be popular in China. This kind of furniture can be freely combined by consumers themselves like building blocks. The 'parts' of component furniture are universal, while the finished product reveals the individuality of consumers. The style of furniture can be changed frequently, making the furniture 'fashionable'.
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