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Classification of furniture hardware accessories

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-17
According to different classification standards, furniture hardware can be classified into different categories. Furniture hardware can be roughly divided into two categories: decorative hardware and functional hardware. Today, with the highly developed level of industrial production, the two are gradually moving towards unity under the guidance of industrial design theory. Decorative hardware is used on the surface of furniture, embellished with various decorative pieces, to play the finishing touch; the use of furniture depends on functional hardware accessories, and functional hardware determines the style of furniture to a certain extent. According to the function of use, furniture hardware can be divided into the following categories: connectors and shelf pins, hinges and hinges, furniture locks and bolts, kitchen furniture functional hardware, living room and bedroom furniture hardware, drawer rails, sliding doors and rolls Lianmen hardware, office furniture hardware, furniture feet and legs, interior decoration hardware and exhibition hall furniture hardware, furniture lamps, various screws and tools. According to the type of furniture, furniture hardware can be divided into the following categories: general furniture hardware, kitchen and bathroom furniture hardware, civil suite furniture hardware, hotel furniture hardware, interior decoration hardware, exhibition furniture hardware, and so on.
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