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Classification of Chinese Classical Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-19
How to divide Ming and Qing furniture, Ming and Qing furniture is divided into Jingzuo, Suzuo and Guangzuo. Jing Zuo refers to the furniture made in Beijing, mainly hardwood furniture such as red sandalwood, huanghuali and mahogany, forming the characteristics of luxurious style. Su Zuo refers to the furniture made in Suzhou area, which has a long history. The Jiangnan area with Suzhou as the center is the birthplace of Ming-style furniture, especially famous for Ming-style huanghuali furniture. It is characterized by its light and elegant shape. It is decorated with small-scale embossments, line carvings, wood inlays, stone inlays and other techniques. It likes to use grass dragons, square patterns, ganoderma patterns, color grass patterns and other patterns. Guangzuo refers to the furniture made in Guangzhou area, and its big development was after the mid-Qing Dynasty. Guangzuo furniture is characterized by its thick materials and thick shapes. Ming-style furniture pays attention to the selection of materials. Most of the hardwoods such as mahogany, red sandalwood, rosewood, wenge, iron pear, etc., some furniture also use phoebe, elm, camphor and other hard woods, of which Huanghuali wood has the best effect. Hardwood is a relatively precious wood. Its wood is hard and flexible, and its color and texture are beautiful. Therefore, Ming-style furniture rarely uses paint, and only wipes with transparent wax to show the texture and natural beauty of the wood itself. The characteristics of the furniture in the Ming Dynasty can be summarized by three main points-the harder tree species are generally used to make all kinds of hardwood furniture. ——Without paint and cover dyeing, it fully reflects the original texture and color of the wood. ——Using a wooden frame structure, pay attention to the shape of the furniture. The magnificent Qing Dynasty furniture Qing-style furniture is known for its decoration and cumbersome stacking. Because of the different styles of production areas, different local characteristics are formed. The most representative ones can be divided into Suzuo, Jingzuo and Guangzuo. Su Zuo inherited the characteristics of Ming-style furniture. Exquisite and simple, no decoration is required; Guangzuo pays much attention to carving and decoration, pursuing gorgeousness; Beijing style emphasizes waxwork, and the structure uses swim bladder and hollow. The furniture craftsmanship of the Qing Dynasty flourished during the Qianlong period, and many skilled craftsmen and excellent folk artists appeared. The high-end exquisite furniture made by them were luxuriously decorated, unique in style, and exquisitely carved, which was of great appreciation value. But Qinghua furniture often only pays attention to skills and blindly pursues magnificent decoration. The cumbersome carvings often destroy the overall sense, and the shape is bulky, the touch is not good, and it is not conducive to cleaning. This is a big pity.
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