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Classification, evaluation and matching knowledge of shoe cabinets

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-02
The main purpose of the shoe cabinet is to display idle shoes. With the advancement of society and the improvement of human living standards, the wooden shoe cabinet has evolved from the early wooden shoe cabinet to the current shoe cabinet of various styles and materials. The classification of shoe cabinets is divided into wooden shoe cabinets, electronic shoe cabinets, sterilized shoe cabinets, etc. according to functions and styles. Evaluation of the shoe cabinet 1. The material of the evaluation product is mainly easy to care and maintain. 2. The style and style of the evaluation product must be coordinated with the home environment. The space of the shoe cabinet: different styles of shoes make women more amorous, but with the increase in shoe styles and quantity, the area of u200bu200bthe shoe cabinet is becoming more and more tense. In fact, the design and production of shoe cabinets are also a subject of decoration. 1. Flexible method of custom-made shoe cabinets Many families are hesitant to make-to-order shoe cabinets or buy finished products when decorating. In the early stage of decoration, designers should be asked to consider the size and style of the shoe cabinet according to the composition of family members. Generally speaking, the shoe cabinet at the entrance is mainly for 6-8 pairs of shoes or slippers that you usually wear. The designer will make professional suggestions for the owner based on the size, structure and aesthetics of the entrance. If you choose a custom-made shoe cabinet, you will generally be relatively flexible. For example, the entrance shoe cabinet not only has the function of putting shoes, but also can set up several intimate functions such as umbrellas and keys according to the actual needs of the family. In addition, the shoe cabinet is the visual focus of the door. If the design is colorful, then the color, shape and style can be unified with the overall style of the room. 2. The style depends on the size of the space. For families with small entrances, it is recommended that the door of the shoe cabinet be designed as a sliding door, and the thickness should not be too large. The capacity should be suitable for storing 10 pairs of shoes. There is also a combination shoe cabinet 'hung' on the wall, which saves space and has a special shape. You can try it. On the contrary, if the living room area is large, you can install a double-door, floor-height and fully functional shoe cabinet, and also a separate shoe-changing stool, umbrella bucket, etc. In addition, the design is best to be divided into two steps: on the one hand, make a beautiful and versatile small shoe cabinet at the entrance; on the other hand, in other storage spaces, such as the wardrobe in the dressing room, the bed under the bedroom, etc. Reserve some space for shoes to store seasonal and infrequently worn shoes. 3. Designing the size of the shoe cabinet according to living habits is actually a matter of knowledge. How to realize the 'unlimited' storage task in a limited space, the internal design must be very particular. The shoe cabinet can be self-created according to the actual situation. For example, the shoe cabinet is divided into family members, divided into areas for men, women, and children. It can also be used to distinguish between frequently used and less frequently used areas, and set according to the size of the shoes. Internal partition.
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