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Classification and use of furniture paint

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-14
1. NC paint (1) The construction is simple and convenient, the smell is fresh, and the drying speed is fast. It is widely used in furniture painting and interior decoration. (2) Bright clear topcoat paint film is full, high gloss, quick-drying and hard, while matte clear topcoat has soft and pleasant gloss, smooth hand feeling and unique taste. (3) Yellow-resistant products and non-toxic yellow-resistant products have good yellowing resistance. (4) Nitro-based non-toxic yellow-resistant paint has excellent yellow-resistance and color retention and high solid content, high film formation rate and good fullness. It is the best nitro-based paint. (5) Nitro-based non-toxic yellow-resistant paint does not contain benzene, free TDI, does not contain formaldehyde, and does not actually contain heavy metals. The paint film is plump, strong and resistant to yellowing, and construction at the same time as the latex paint will not cause the latex paint to yellow . (6) Nitro-based non-toxic yellow paint is a fast-drying paint, suitable for indoor and outdoor wooden doors and windows, furniture and other wooden products and metal surfaces that have been coated with appropriate primers. It is a high-end family The decoration paint is especially suitable for the painting of children's toys, children's furniture, and the decoration of children's rooms and family kitchens. 2. PU paint: the isocyanate group (-NCO) of the first component (curing agent) of the two-component polyurethane paint + the hydroxyl group (-OH) of the second component (paint) u003d the thinner of the polyurethane polymer (paint film) (days) That water): It only plays a diluting role for adjusting the viscosity and facilitating construction. Advantages: 1) Compared with other paints, at the same hardness, PU paint film has the highest elongation at break due to the effect of hydrogen bonds, so it is widely used in floor paint and deck paint; 2) Both protective and decorative It can be used for the coating of high-grade crafts, high-grade woodware, pianos, large passenger aircraft, etc.; 3) The paint film has strong adhesion. The paint film has excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces (metal, wood, rubber, concrete, certain plastics, etc.). 4) The paint film has excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkali, salt, and petroleum products, so it can Maintenance coatings for drilling platforms, ships, and chemical plants, as well as the inner wall lining of petroleum storage tanks, etc. 5) It can be dried and cured at low temperature. The construction season is long. 6) It can be combined with a variety of film-forming substances to make paint, and can be made into many varieties according to different requirements. 3. PE paint characteristics: (1) After the paint is applied, a thicker paint film can be obtained, with excellent fullness and gloss, high transparency, good leveling, and the original paint is light in color and easy to spray. (2) The coating film has ultra-high hardness. (3) At room temperature, the finger touch time is about 40 minutes, the finger pressure time is about 2 hours, and the polishing time is about 24 hours.
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