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Classification and identification of teak furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-28
Teak, known as the 'king of ten thousand woodsThe variety of styles and high-quality teak furniture has become one of the high-end home furnishing products, and teak raw materials are scarce, the price of teak furniture has risen accordingly, with a year-on-year increase of more than 30%. However, it is understood that there are very few teak furniture on the market that are all teak furniture, most of which are only teak frame furniture or pasted teak veneer. The other parts are solid wood but not teak, which is called teak all solid wood furniture; some other parts are not solid wood. The one is MDF. In the face of huge profits, some unscrupulous manufacturers made up their minds, using teak-like mixed woods such as black manglietia or small shoe dal, or simply made teak furniture entirely out of fake teak. The grades of teak furniture The teak itself has different grades. The surface of high-grade teak furniture is rich in grease and has a strong sense of lubricity; the surface of the planed surface is oxidized to a golden luster through photosynthesis; the ink line is delicate and rich. Low-grade teak has a dull color and lacks oiliness. It is mostly used for making flooring, so the color of teak flooring is generally dark. The identification of teak furniture Although imitated teak furniture and teak wood are similar in appearance and density, there are still big differences between the two due to different materials, which can be distinguished by the following methods: 1. Eye view. Take a small amount of water and sprinkle it on the surface of the furniture. If the water is not absorbed and beaded, it is teak. 2. Smell the smell. The teak solid wood furniture has clear wood grain, allowing you to feel the natural characteristics. The surface of the furniture is very smooth and the hand feels very delicate, as if it has been soaked in oil, while the fake teak is rough. 3. Combustion experiment. The water-absorbing manglietia black-cored. Take a small piece of dry wood and burn it. The smoke emitted by teak is thick and large, while fake teak is less. 4. Dripping test. Teak itself emits a sour taste, similar to the smell after a meal, while fake teak generally has no such smell. Extended reading: Comparison of teak furniture and solid wood furniture
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