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Classical furniture is different from red and white. What is white wood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-03
Chinese traditional classic furniture began to study the 'red and whiteThe 'red and white' of classical furniture. What is white wood? Mahogany and white wood are two grades of things, and they are not the same. Mahogany is noble and high, and is used to make high-end furniture; it is expensive and is not affordable for ordinary people. Red is divided into old and new. Many old mahogany are old materials for Thai houses. You have seen this kind of old materials for house demolition in the old temple treasure house. There are also new and old red sandalwood, and the old ones are shipped from India. Yes, do a little less of these old materials. Another discovery is the old Burmese rosewood, which is different from the commonly known white rosewood. There is a Ming-style dining table made of the old Burmese rosewood. These hardwoods are all 'imported products. Mahogany is called by Chinese characteristics. Mahogany furniture was created in China and is universally recognized throughout the world. Related reading: Let’s talk about the correct opening method of classical furniture maintenance. Let’s talk about white wood. The classical furniture made of camphor wood and elm wood at the exhibition are also good, but they are cheap and good. For the public, the price of white wood is still acceptable, but it is not easy to be. Counterfeit. The sunset furniture in the Western Pavilion belongs to white wood furniture. The price has sold mahogany furniture, but it is actually selling Western culture, such as Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo. There was an exhibitor who wanted to exhibit 'Daye Huanghuali'. I asked what the scientific name was, but the other party couldn't tell it. How to write the import declaration form and fail to report it. If it is nothing, how would it be called 'Daye Huanghuali'? It is undeniable that this wood is like a pear, the material is exquisite and oily, and it is a good material, but it can only be considered a white wood before the expert has issued an appraisal report. There is a Zen chair that is wrapped in transparent film and looks like white wood. I only found out about the time project after asking. The price is 160,000 yuan, which cannot be distinguished simply by color. The knowledge of wood is too deep, and the water in the mahogany market is too mixed. There is already an irregular name for 'big leaf red sandalwoodNot messy?
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