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Classical coffee table of Ming and Qing furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-03
The coffee table is generally square or rectangular, and the height is equal to the armrest of an armchair. Usually, a tea is sandwiched between two chairs to hold cups and trays of tea sets, hence the name tea table. The coffee table is the furniture that became popular after the Qing Dynasty. From the paintings of the Ming Dynasty, we can see that the fragrant table had the function of a coffee table at that time. It was only in the Qing Dynasty that the tea table was separated from the fragrant table and evolved into an independent new variety. Generally speaking, the coffee table is relatively short, and some are made into a two-layer type, which is easier to distinguish from the fragrance table. In the Qing Dynasty, the tea table was rarely displayed separately, and was often placed between a pair of armchairs and set up on both sides of the hall. The advantages of wooden coffee table: 1. Solid surface material, no porosity and impermeability; 2. Absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-radiation. It is a table surface that can directly contact with food; 3. It is very resistant to water, oil, pollution, and bacteria. Strong resistance, easy to clean; 4. Warm touch, resistance to cold and heat, impact resistance, sturdiness and durability, no deformation; 5. Good flexibility, strong plasticity, heating and bending forming, which can better satisfy customers' creative ideas; 6. Each color is equipped with glue of the same color, the plates can be spliced u200bu200bseamlessly, and the workability is strong (it can be processed with woodworking tools, mixed construction methods can be used, and various laces are easy to polish), and the repairability is good (defects and depressions can be repaired, It can be reformed in case of poor construction); 7. The product colors are rich and colorful, and there are series of pure colors, hemp colors, transparent particles, etc., which can meet various design requirements and allow you to freely use your imagination. Coffee table use: Artificial marble is mostly used for interior decoration, such as door sides, window sills, stair rails, skirting lines, desktop wash basins, bathtubs, fireplace decorations, wall lines, overall cabinet countertops, floor materials, artificial stone crafts (such as: instructions Brands, ashtrays, tea sets, trays, chessboards, vases, candlesticks, fishing tanks, sinks), toilets for kindergarten children, medical consoles, etc. Artificial granite replaces natural stone, and its wear resistance is comparable to that of natural stone. It is mostly used in garden sculptures, outdoor stairs, floor tiles, wall materials, garden crafts, tombstones, house numbers, signs, etc. Artificial stone has a wide range of applications, and its products are used in business, home furnishing, military, medical and other fields. The coffee table is generally placed on the sofa in the living room. It is mainly used to place tea cups and tea utensils, wine glasses, fruits, fruit knives, ashtrays, flowers, etc.
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