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Classic mahogany furniture armchair

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-03
The armchair is a typical representative of classical furniture, which evolved from the top spot. Because it is mainly used indoors, people retain the comfortable seat ring structure, remove the foldable leg structure in the top chair, use wooden boards as the sitting surface, and set fixed four legs underneath, so the top seat still remains above the sitting surface of the lap chair. The prototype. Armchairs are generally arranged on the left and right sides of the Eight Immortals Table in the main house. The arc-shaped backrest and armrests of the armchair are the same as the top chairs. The wood texture selection is very demanding, and it is also very expensive. From the structural point of view, there are two general practices for Ming-style armchairs. The first type is that the front legs and the goose neck (the stilts under the armrests) are made of the same wood, and the stilts of the hind legs and the backrest are made of the same wood. The three sides of the seat are equipped with pot-style carved coupons. The goose neck (the upper end of the front leg) of the armchair is generally curved, and the tenon joints of the chair circle and the column, the goose neck and the armrest, the back plate and the chair circle are all equipped with wrinkled lace. The heel is equipped with backgammon tube feet, and underneath is also equipped with ruffled toes. The second type, the goose neck and the seat ring pillars and legs and feet are made separately, which is another type of structure of the arm chair. The underside of the chair seat adopts the structural form of panel, waist waist, cheek support, tooth board, three-bend legs, dragon claw foot, and mud support. There are exquisite relief decorations on the backrest. The backrest, the rear pillar, and the goose neck are all equipped with curved edges. The two sides of the high waist are equipped with pillars, embossed with embossed chilong decorations in the form of ring-shaped plates. The cheek support is wider. The three-bend legs and the pot-shaped teeth are well mortised and integrated, with curly grass embossed on them. Under the dragon's claws, there is a mud-relief seat. Mud support also adopts the pot door type tooth strip. There is also a kind of armchair, the backboard is higher than the seat ring, and it is slightly rolled back, which can be used for brain and more comfortable. There is also a kind of armchair whose seat ring does not extend downward after passing through two rear corner columns, has no armrests, and has a novel shape. There is no big difference between the Qing style armchair style and the Ming style, but the production quantity is reduced. The reason is that there were many more luxurious and comfortable chair styles in the Qing Dynasty, which are suitable for indoor furnishings. However, the shape of the armchair is very simple, and it is not easy to add decoration, and the production process is relatively difficult, so the production is gradually reduced.
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