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Classic mahogany furniture appreciates fast

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-02
Mahogany furniture is becoming people's favorite. Do you know the reasons for the appreciation of mahogany furniture and other classical furniture? Not long ago, Nanjing Zhengda bought a large palace screen with a carved dragon pattern of Huanghuali in Yongzheng period of Qing Dynasty for a high price of 8.58 million yuan. Why can a huanghuali carved dragon 12-leaf palace screen be sold at such a high price? According to experts, this screen has clear and beautiful texture, slender and smooth lines. The top ring is carved with five dragons. The screen is made of wide material as a large frame. The center of the screen is a hollow longevity grid. The bottom of the tooth board is decorated with back patterns. They are all inlaid with copper sleeves, in a typical Ming style, and the whole body is refined from huanghuali wood. Huanghua pear is a kind of mahogany, which is generally produced in tropical and subtropical countries. Because of its scarcity in my country, it is a treasure protected by the state. With the increase of people’s income and the improvement of cultural tastes, classical furniture is entering the homes of ordinary people. Among them, mahogany furniture represented by yellow rosewood and red sandalwood is loved by people because of its high quality and scarcity in the market. It has become an investment by many people. Important choice. The relevant person in charge of the China Redwood Furniture Association recently stated that the redwood furniture collection market should have a share of more than 30 billion yuan, which has become another hot spot for people to invest in collections after calligraphy, painting and jewelry. The scarcity of raw materials doubles the price. According to Hu Desheng, a classical mahogany furniture appraisal expert and a research librarian from the Palace Museum, there are two types of Chinese classical furniture that have the greatest potential for appreciation: one is Ming-style furniture from the Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty. The wood is generally Huanghuali; the other is Qing-style palace furniture from the Qianlong period, and the wood is generally red sandalwood. The reason why the price of mahogany furniture keeps rising is mainly related to the scarcity of raw materials. Hainan Huanghuali is the finest among mahogany, and its finished material was nearly exhausted in the Qing Dynasty, reaching several thousand yuan per jin. And the raw materials of huanghuali wood will be exhausted within three to five years, which directly causes the price of finished furniture to increase exponentially. Even the lowest-grade red rosewood among the mahogany has doubled several times in recent years. The current market price of a stool in the late Qing Dynasty is 50,000 yuan, and a Huanghuali Taishi chair in the Qing Dynasty costs 200,000 to 500,000 yuan. Experts believe that the investment period of mahogany furniture is short to medium term, and the return is 3 to 5 years. Generally, the investment amount is relatively large, and some investment returns are more than 500%. This investment requires professional insight, and the proportion of investment by prospective investors should not exceed 20% of their own assets. Zhang Hailong, the manager of Jimei Furniture World Yuanhenli Store, believes: “Huanghuali and red sandalwood are more valuable for investment. Take Huanghuali as an example. Our current name is Hainan Huanghuali. As the name implies, the origin is our country’s Hainan Island. In the past, ours Guangdong and Guangxi, including Yunnan, have a history of redwood, including Huanghuali, but it has been extinct since the middle of the Qing Dynasty. Our current Huanghuali is only part of Hainan Island, but it is very rare for trees over a hundred years old. The purchase of rosewood is scarce, and the supply of raw materials in furniture factories is in short supply, which has caused the price of mahogany furniture to soar.' Experts reminded that at present, some people have been found in the market to use low-end antique furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasty as old mahogany furniture, or low-end old mahogany furniture as high-end products. Therefore, investors should consult experts and initially learn to identify the authenticity of mahogany furniture before buying. In view of the fact that it is difficult to buy red sandalwood and Hainan yellow rosewood furniture in the market, professionals suggest that red rosewood and old rosewood furniture in the mahogany varieties can now be bought, and there is a lot of room for appreciation. When buying, you can talk to the seller more, don’t rush to make a move, learn more about the background, history and craftsmanship of the furniture, not only can you enrich your knowledge, but also make it easy to shop around and buy the most cost-effective furniture with the most appreciation potential. . Investment in mahogany furniture should be based on your own financial resources to invest in collections. You can’t just look at the product by looking at the quality of the material. If the workmanship is not good, the product has no collection value. Three points should be paid attention to when investing in collections. The director of the Shanghai Redwood Furniture Standardization Technical Committee said that three points should be paid attention to when investing in mahogany furniture. When buying, we must first look at its artistic style, and then its rarity. It should be 'rich but not vulgar, gorgeous but not overly, dignified but not staying.' The age is also an important indicator, the earlier the age, the more valuable it is. 2. Personal funds and interests should be taken into consideration when purchasing. Generally speaking, people with sufficient funds or high interest in mahogany furniture can collect mahogany fine products from the Qianlong period, or even a complete collection; if the financial resources are average, it is recommended to buy a single product that is practical and has a large amount of storage, such as a chair Or a bed. 3. Judging the value of mahogany furniture depends on its scientific research value and market awareness. The scientific research value refers to the academic value of furniture in furniture history, furniture genre and furniture craftsmanship. The higher the scientific research value, the higher the collection value and investment potential. It can be seen that when consumers buy mahogany furniture, they should choose their investment goals according to their own economic strength and personal interests.
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