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Chinese mahogany furniture style

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-16
The emergence of Chinese mahogany furniture is a symbol of the level of social productivity in a certain period of Chinese history, reflecting the lifestyle, material civilization level, and historical and cultural characteristics of a certain period of history, thus accumulating rich and profound historical and cultural features. Nowadays, with the gradual maturity of the production level of classical mahogany furniture and the market development, the group attracted by the cultural charm of mahogany furniture is also expanding. This has promoted the increase in prices to a certain extent, and has also prompted the mahogany furniture companies to 'strive for excellence' in their own production level. The mahogany furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties was the peak period of Chinese classical furniture, especially the Beijing furniture of the Forbidden City. Jing Zuo furniture is influenced by special traditional culture and has its own unique aesthetic and production system. Chinese traditional mahogany furniture is divided into three categories according to regional production styles: Jing Zuo, Su Zuo and Guang Zuo. Among them, Jingzuo is represented by Beijing palace furniture and craftsmanship, characterized by grace and luxury, rich in royal style, and is known as the 'official kiln' of mahogany furniture; and Su Zuo and Guang Zuo represent the local mahogany furniture production characteristics and standards.
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