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Chinese furniture carving picture auspicious

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-19
The Spring Festival is here, it is an auspicious time. Nowadays, many families have Chinese classical furniture, so talk about the auspicious symbols in classical furniture to add a little festive atmosphere to the Spring Festival. The initial stage of the furniture is plain and completely functional. The stool is for sitting, and the cabinet is for putting things. When it develops to a certain stage, its floral decorations appear, have decorative functions, and have the function of embracing Jin Naxiang. This is the deepening of the meaning of floral textures and the function of 'prayer and prayer' beyond the practical functions that people give to furniture. This is quite like a tile. It was originally installed on the eaves to protect it, and then formed into a variety of shapes to beautify it, and then made into a mold. Put in the auspicious words such as 'Changle Weiyang' and 'Long live the unbeaten' to become an independent 'Wadang culture.' '. There are also auspicious symbols in the furniture, and many. Furniture carvings, like brick and stone carvings, tapestry carpets, etc., are a large collection of 'auspicious patterns'. Such auspicious patterns are placed in the living room, exuding a peaceful atmosphere, embellishing daily life, forming blessings and praying for good luck. The atmosphere of life. In particular, many auspicious patterns are the essence of culture and folklore, reflecting the wisdom of people's lives for thousands of years. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than a thousand patterns with folk auspicious characters, such as Lulianke, Erjia Chuanyu, Sanyang Kaitai, Four Seasons Ping An, Wufu Pengshou, Six Contract Spring , Seven Stars, Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Ninth Generations Cohabitation, Perfection, etc. Furniture carvings basically rely on this concept to incorporate these patterns into the furniture, not only the beauty of the patterns, but also the auspicious meaning beyond the pictures. Related reading: How to maintain and maintain classical furniture. Keep the classical charm. For example, Chinese characters directly enter the furniture. The characters 'Fu Lu Shou Xi' and '卍' often appear on the furniture. For example, some carved ornaments on the side armrests of the Grand Master’s chair are a 'shou' character, which is a unique phenomenon of Chinese characters. People pursue longevity, so they make a fuss about the word 'shou'. According to some statistics, there is only one word 'shou' written in it. Thousands of them. In addition, there are words such as 'Fu' and 'XiThe decoration of Chinese classical furniture is inseparable from the 'lion'. The concept of lion in my country is completely different from that in the West. There are a large number of lion images in western furniture. First, they are concrete and realistic lions, and second, they are powerful and brave. The 'lion' of ancient Chinese people is deformed. Its lion is an independent symbol of paternity and maternity. The lion's foot is awe-inspiring and majestic. In addition, a more important meaning is the homophonic 'teacher'. The Chinese put the most emphasis on mentorship, to the point that nothing can be surpassed. 'Heaven, earth, monarch and teacher' are the most noble in the eyes of the people, and natural force is the greatest 'forceCan you ignore it if you put it side by side? So in ancient times there was the post of Taishi, the emperor’s teacher, and the young teacher was the prince’s teacher. So people borrowed the 'lion' for furniture, and matched it with a little lion, so there was a 'too lion and little lion'. The pattern has not only the meaning of respecting the teacher, but also the meaning of knighting and being an official. The carved patterns of the cabinet and the couch and the backrest of the Grand Master’s chair are often seen. It is the picture of the Grand Master’s Taibao. The big lion and the two little lions echo each other with a lively look. The interior is decorated with ganoderma and copper coins, and the outer circle is decorated with gourds and leaves. Gourd produces a lot of seeds and is one of the strongest reproductive plants. The folks call this 'Gourd BandaiIn addition, bats are indispensable for auspicious patterns. Longevity (shou character) must be accompanied by blessing (bat). It can be said that the carved patterns on the cabinet surface, couch board, and chair back of Chinese classical furniture must be 'auspicious party'. Of course, the dragon and the phoenix are the greatest symbols of auspiciousness, so I won’t go into details here.
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