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Chinese classical beech furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-18
People tend to place emphasis on 'materials' when collecting and appreciating classical furniture. In fact, 'white wood' furniture, especially classic beech wood furniture, has a large number of high-quality and exquisite works. Beech wood furniture is the charm and mind of Chinese classical furniture. Although it is precious without huanghuali and red sandalwood furniture, it has always presented people with a broad and not vulgar taste in the long history of Chinese classical furniture. To say it is 'broad and not vulgarAccording to expert research, at least two generations of Song and Yuan dynasties used beech wood to make furniture. Ming dynasty beech furniture and Huanghuali furniture are both models of 'Su-style' furniture, and together they have created the brilliance of Ming dynasty furniture. Most of the Ming Dynasty furniture we can see today are made of huanghuali and beech wood. In the Qing Dynasty, although mahogany and other precious woods were imported, the real support for the furniture was still beech wood. The number of furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasties was incomparable to any kind of furniture. Today we rarely see Ming-style furniture made of mahogany and Qing-style furniture made of huanghuali, but the beech wood has been passed on from both sides and passed down. It fully expresses the styles of all kinds of furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasties, even to the beginning of the Republic of China. In 1988, there was also beech wood to make Ming-style furniture. Some experts said: To find out the style of Ming and Qing furniture, you can only look for beech furniture. Second, the color and texture can be traced to Huanghuali Beech, a deciduous tree, which is abundant in the vast areas of the south of the Yangtze River. It is also known as Basswood, Southern Elm, and Willow Tree, Divided Red and Yellow. 'Yellow PagodaThe big fast panel is very beautiful and fascinating. The color of beech is very close to that of huanghuali. These are the advantages of beech. Among the Ming-style beech furniture, the armchairs and round-corner cabinets are the most famous. They have the 'different materials and the same workmanship' with the same type of Huanghuali furniture. The author once hid a beech wood cabinet with rounded corners, 110 cm high and 80 cm wide. In addition to its exquisite craftsmanship, its material is bright in color and beautiful in texture. It is farsighted like a huanghuali, very cute. The third is that the shape is good and full of magnificence. Although the Ming and Qing dynasties produced a large number of imported precious hardwood furniture, most of these were owned by the royal family and dignitaries. Although beech furniture is not so 'honorFrom merchants to ordinary officials, from literati to well-off homes, beech wood furniture was widely used. Perhaps it is because the quantity of beech wood is large and cheap, or the literati participated in the design. Compared with ordinary hardwood furniture, beech wood furniture is not gorgeous and luxurious, but it is a little more elegant and elegant, so it is deeply favored by everyone. The beech wood furniture has the most complete variety, which is unmatched by any kind of wood furniture. So far, a large number of tables, tables, tables, stools, cabinets, cabinets and beds made of beech wood in the Ming and Qing dynasties have survived. 'Suzuo' hardwood furniture tends to plan carefully in terms of materials, so if you can save it, the materials used in the production of beech furniture are very generous. Most of them use large materials and large panels, rarely splicing, and show the atmosphere. The author has a clear beech wood painting table in his possession. The table is 196 cm long, 90 cm wide, and 86 cm high. The materials used are extremely 'extravagant and wastefulThe painting table was originally an old relic of the famous calligraphy and painter Mr. Tan Jiancheng, who has been creating calligraphy and painting on the painting table for more than 70 years, thus showing its humanistic and artistic value. Fourth, the beauty of the ornamentation is even better. In addition to the magnificent shape and the beautiful color and texture, it also reflects the beauty of the beech furniture, as well as its exquisite ornamentation. The beech furniture and Huanghuali furniture in the Ming Dynasty were not still carved. In the Qing Dynasty, it had a large number of exquisite carvings like other hardwood furniture, including bas-relief, high-relief, round, openwork and line carving. The main decorative patterns carved include figures, flowers, animals and cloud patterns, thunder patterns and imitation of three-generation bronzes, Han stone carvings and jade carvings. The sculptural decorations are colorful and omnipresent, showing an antique, noble and elegant artistic image. The author possesses a Qing beech wood Taishi chair. The chair is 96 cm high, 68 cm wide, and 45 cm high. The back, arms, hands, and heels are all carved with Ganoderma lucidum patterns. It is very delicate and commonly known as 'Ganoderma lucidum'. It is similar to the same type of mahogany furniture. Compared with, its cut work patterns are even better. Due to the large number of beech furniture, today we are fortunate to be able to fully appreciate the exquisite patterns of Ming and Qing furniture, which is difficult to achieve in hardwood furniture. Thus, the history and artistic value of beech furniture can be seen.
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