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by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-17
The first three years of the 1950s were the period of post-war national economic recovery. It was also a period when furniture enterprises organized the restoration and development of production. The number of furniture industry enterprises increased significantly, and production was rapidly restored and developed. In 1949, Changsha had 550 households with 1,466 people; in 1952, it had 700 households with 2,131 people. Compared with 1950 in Chengdu, the number of households in the furniture and handicraft industry increased by 50% in 1953, the number of people increased by 94.4%, and the total output value increased by 195.7%. While resuming the development of production, through typical demonstrations, many regions began to take unemployed workers and individual handicrafts as their main targets. Under the principle of voluntariness, a group of woodware production cooperative organizations were established. Through processing orders, during the period of the first five-year plan, the pace of socialist transformation of the furniture industry was accelerated, and production also developed rapidly. In the early days of liberation, Tianjin had 2,000 wooden workshops and individual handicrafts, as well as 360 private enterprises of a certain scale. In 1953, Tianjin’s first state-owned infrastructure woodware factory was established; in 1954, Welfare Woodware implemented a public-private partnership, and planing machines were imported from Poland that year. This was the beginning of the use of modern woodworking equipment in Tianjin’s furniture industry; in 1956, Tianjin’s private sector The entire industry of furniture enterprises implements a public-private partnership, and the number of employees in the enterprise has grown to 3,000. At the same time, the city's 2,000 individual handicraftsmen formed 10 furniture joint cooperatives. In 1953, Beijing had a total of 772 households with 6,608 people in the woodware manufacturing industry, with a total output value of 12 million yuan. While organizing to restore and develop production, it also carried out socialist transformation of the industrial and capitalist industry and commerce in terms of ownership, that is, transforming it into private enterprises. Or private enterprises are owned by the whole people or by public-private joint ventures or collectively owned enterprises. In 1956, the national furniture industry basically completed the socialist transformation of the ownership of the means of production, and gradually established a number of modern furniture factories. Furniture factories or handicraft workshops in some large and medium-sized cities have begun to embark on the road of public-private partnerships, while some individual industries have implemented partnerships and established collectively owned production cooperatives. According to statistics in 1957, more than 7000 woodware cooperatives across the country have 324,000 employees, and the average size of the company is about 50. Through many reforms and mergers, a number of modern furniture companies that have begun to take shape have emerged in the 1950s, such as Qingdao No. 1 Woodware Company, Jilin Woodware Company, Shanghai Furniture Factory, Tianjin No. 5 Woodware Factory, Xi’an Jin Modern furniture companies such as Huamu Ware Factory have begun to take shape. The newly-built batch of modern factories have gradually formed a business model of combining factories and shops and one-stop supply, production and sales on the basis of the front shops and the back factories. 'Set up a shop at the front door and set up a factory at the back door' is the traditional operating method of the furniture industry, which is suitable for workshop-style production scale and production conditions. After 1956, with the basic realization of the socialist transformation, the production scale of the enterprise gradually expanded. Therefore, a group of larger furniture enterprises have established their own specialty stores to operate the products produced by the factory. After the establishment of many furniture companies in large and medium-sized cities, they have established corresponding sales outlets to centrally sell the products of the company's subsidiaries. Some municipal furniture companies have a furniture store. According to the experience of furniture companies in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, etc., this business model is conducive to reducing turnover, conducive to directly listening to consumers' opinions, guiding and improving production, and conducive to the development of marketable products to meet market needs. At this stage, the national capitalist economy and the cooperative economy showed obvious advantages. However, in the process of reforming the individual handicraft industry, because the requirements were too urgent, the work was too rough, and the changes were too fast, the form was too simple and uniform, which left some problems. The problems in the furniture industry at that time were: while implementing socialist transformation, technological transformation was ignored, and the appearance of manual operation remained basically unchanged; while production development, the planning of furniture materials was neglected, and the supply of raw materials became more and more tight; The shortcomings of the economy and the government and enterprise are not distinguished began to appear in the furniture industry.
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