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Characteristics and types of bamboo furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-07
The great poet Su Dongpo once said: 'Eater bamboo shoots, dweller bamboo tiles, carry bamboo rafts, cook bamboo salaries, clothe bamboo skins, book bamboo papers, and wear bamboo shoes. This shows the importance of bamboo in the ordinary days of ancient times. There were more than 60 kinds of bamboo utensils in the Han Dynasty, more than 100 kinds in the Jin Dynasty, nearly 200 kinds in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and more than 250 kinds in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Nowadays, although bamboo products are no longer daily necessities, its unique toughness, coolness and beautiful texture are still good choices for daily use and home decoration. The bamboo materials selected for bamboo furniture are made through a series of mechanical, high temperature and high pressure restrictions, and are processed into various bamboo materials with exceptional appearance, durability and beautiful lines in accordance with modern manufacturing technology. Ordinary bamboo furniture is very simple to crack and deform. The new-style bamboo furniture made with today's new technology not only adheres to the common texture of bamboo, but also overcomes the 'congenital shortcomings' of bamboo. As a renewable ecological product, bamboo furniture has the following characteristics: 1. Bamboo furniture is conducive to environmental protection. Bamboo can be used for three to four years and can be regenerated after harvesting. Regarding environmental degradation, the stock of natural forests is very low. China is a high-quality wood substitute material. Special glue is used for bamboo bonding to avoid the damage of formaldehyde to the human body. 2. The processed bamboo material adheres to the original natural texture of bamboo, and the furniture made of bamboo material returns to the original, giving people a simple and elegant feeling. 3. Bamboo furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, good for health. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture-absorbing and heat-absorbing functions are higher than other woods, so you can sit on it in the hot summer to cool and absorb sweat; in winter, it can keep warm. The query shows that the bamboo and wood layout of the house can create common environmental characteristics, and the bamboo and wood materials can regulate the indoor microclimate, and regulate the human body's biological livelihood and mentality, resulting in a longevity effect. The selected material for bamboo furniture is high-quality phoebe bamboo from Guangxi, Hunan and Jiangxi. After testing, its tensile strength and compressive strength along the grain are twice that of cherry wood and 2.5 times that of Chinese fir. The processing method is to first peel the thick bamboo and cut it into 3×4cm bamboo strips, and then use special technology to high-pressure gluing to make a large board. The whole process has to go through more than 30 procedures. According to industry insiders: the treated boards are insect-resistant, will not crack, deform, or degummed, and have various physical functions equivalent to mid-to-high-grade hard miscellaneous wood. Due to sufficient materials, low prices, and careful description, bamboo furniture is likely to become the main force of future furniture in the near future under the premise of the lack of global wood resources. Extended reading: Tips for purchasing bamboo furniture. Bamboo furniture-old raw materials, new shapes seem slender and light, but in fact it is stable and tough. This is the characteristic of bamboo furniture. The simple and beautiful bamboo chair in the picture was depicted by Taiwanese painter Shi Dayu. Many shapes are used in the depiction of the chair. The lines are simple and concise, which is very modern. Combining the traditional raw material of bamboo with the modern appearance may be the best embodiment of the mix and match of the old and the new. Bamboo lamps-light up a trace of Zen lights flowing from the gaps in the bamboo strips, there is always a quiet Zen, if you want to add a bit of Zen charm to the bedroom, bamboo table lamps are the best choice. The home at night brings a strange silence. Bamboo flooring-warm in winter and cool in summer. The biggest advantage of bamboo flooring on the ground is that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of the low thermal conductivity of bamboo, it does not produce cool or heat, and is especially suitable for paving in the living room and bedroom. In addition, the stability of bamboo flooring is very good, the cracking deformation rate is less than that of solid wood flooring, and the bamboo fibers are placed in a 'hollow brick' shape, and the tensile, compressive and waterproof functions are very top-notch. Bamboo decorations-it is recommended not to underestimate the effect of decorations in the coolness of summer, decorations with different raw materials can bring out a completely different home personality. This season, bamboo products can 'relieve heat and cool down' the room the most. Xiang Mansion recommends that you can put a bamboo woven flower on the coffee table, a bamboo photo frame, or replace the heavy window cloth with fresh bamboo curtains. A good suggestion to embellish your summer home. Extended reading: Bamboo furniture production process and process Bamboo household small objects-easy to use, more particularly, we have long been accustomed to wooden cutting boards, knife racks, and cloth storage bags... Have you ever thought about it, in fact, bamboo products are more Suitable for these 'characters'? Bamboo is very waterproof, more resistant, and easier to organize than cloth. With these advantages, why not test bamboo products more at home? Bamboo digital products-high-tech and retro. Our ancestors wrote with bamboo pens and recorded stories with bamboo slips. Why can't there be bamboo in today's communication technology? Bamboo laptops, mice, and U disks have added a bit of quietness to the digital products that travelled a long way. Let us indulge in modern science and technology, and will not forget China's splendid ancient civilization.
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