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Changes in Legs and Claws of Classical Furniture in Past Dynasties

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-06
From the evolution of furniture legs and claws, we can see the age and style of furniture. Use this as a way to distinguish classical furniture, which is convenient for collectors to identify and collect. The furniture of Tang, Song and Yuan has just entered the stage of high-foot furniture, and the decoration of legs and claws is still blank. In the Ming Dynasty, the shape of high-foot furniture was completed, and the legs and claws were not deliberately decorated or changed. In Ming Dynasty tables, tables, chairs, cabinets and beds, the legs and claws basically played a single supporting function, and the shape was only a simple change in the original shape of a circle or a square. The legs and claws of furniture in the Qing Dynasty changed the simple form based on square and circle. There are dozens of styles, such as a leaf, tiger bean, spirit beads, a vine, inner hook foot, outer hook foot, inverted horseshoe and valgus horseshoe. This is the reflection of the concept of heavy furniture in the Qing Dynasty on the decoration of legs and claws. The Republic of China was influenced by Western European aesthetic concepts, and the changes in furniture legs and claws were extremely rich, more than those in the Qing Dynasty. At this time, the production of furniture introduced mechanical production, and the degree of 'mechanization' on the legs and claws was the highest, and it was obvious that there were mechanical components such as cars, irons, and drills. The Europeanization of furniture legs is obvious. Such as square cone type, groove type, arc-curved type, spindle type, cylindrical type or twisted type, etc. Claws as the landing part are also varied, such as hoof type, beast claw type, beast claw type, block type or lotus petal type and so on.
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