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Chair size and design basis

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-25
The size of the chair is closely related to the size of the human body. Chinese-style furniture, especially the chair, has many details in the study of the comfort of the human body. Before designing a chair, let you understand the following concepts: human body size, sitting height, sitting depth, sitting width, and sitting surface inclination. Human body size Human body size can be divided into static body size and dynamic body size. The static size of the human body has a greater relationship with objects that are directly related to the human body, such as furniture, clothing, equipment, etc., which mainly provide data for various furniture and equipment; the dynamic size of the human body is what the body can do when performing certain functional activities. The range of space reached. Chair size: backrest size. The height and width of the backrest of the chair. The maximum height of the backrest can reach 480~630MM, and the maximum width can reach 350~480MM. The size of the backrest is mainly related to the height from the bottom of the buttocks to the shoulders (determining the height of the backrest) and shoulder width (determining the width of the backrest). The inclination of the sitting surface of the chair: When a person is resting, the sitting posture is to lean back to support the lumbar spine. Therefore, most of the general sitting surface is designed to be inclined backward. The inclination of the sitting surface is generally 3 to 5 degrees, and the opposite seat back is also inclined backward. Chair size: Sitting depth refers to the distance from the front to the back of the chair surface. The depth of sitting has a great influence on the comfort of the human sitting posture. If the chair’s sitting depth exceeds the horizontal length of the thighs, the human body will have a large inclination against the backrest, and the waist lacks support points and hangs in the air, which intensifies the strength of the waist muscle activity and causes fatigue; at the same time, the sitting surface is too deep, causing the knee socket. It produces a numb reaction and is also not conducive to standing up. The average horizontal length of the thighs of the human sitting posture in our country: 445MM for men and 425MM for women, and then ensure that the front of the sitting surface is a certain distance from the inside of the knee (about 60MM), so that the sitting depth is usually between 380 and 420 mm. Extended reading: The story of the Barcelona chair. Chair size: Sitting width. The width of the chair's sitting surface is often wide in front and narrow in the back according to the person's sitting posture and movement. The front width of the sitting surface is called the width before sitting and the width of the back edge is called back width. The sitting width is generally not less than 380MM. For a chair with armrests, the arm of the human body should be considered. The inner width of the armrest is used as the size of the sitting width, and an appropriate margin should be added according to the average shoulder width of the human body. Not less than 460mm, but not too wide, should be based on the shoulder width of the comfortable posture of the natural hanging arm. Chair size: The sitting height refers to the vertical distance from the sitting surface of the tool to the ground. Because the chair surface often tilts backward, the sitting height of the chair is usually the previous sitting height as the chair's sitting height. Appropriate sitting surface height: The thighs should be kept level, the calves should be vertical, and the feet should be flat on the ground. Chair size: The height of the armrest is based on the human body scale. The vertical distance between the upper surface of the armrest and the sitting surface is more appropriate. At the same time, the front end of the armrest is slightly raised. With the change of the inclination angle of the sitting surface and the basic backrest slope, the armrest tilts. The degree is generally 10-20 degrees, and the horizontal deflection angle of the armrest is ±10 degrees, which generally matches the shape of the sitting surface.
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