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Can you bear the furniture on the tip of your tongue? (picture)

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-21
The second season of 'China on the Bite of the Tongue' finally aired under the constant calls. A large group of foodies waited in front of the TV drooling, watching the food on the screen and enduring the torment of gluttony. If there are food furniture with lifelike shapes in front of you, letting you sit on the 'food' and look at the food, can you hold back? Sandwich biscuit table and cake chair Sandwich biscuit table Have you ever thought that one day you can sit with a piece of cupcake and enjoy your three meals on the sandwich biscuit? This dessert-based restaurant furniture designed by designer Boggy Chan will definitely increase your appetite, but the only thing you need to pay attention to is that when you are hungry, don't bite it with your mouth. The cake chair designer designed this set of dessert furniture from the touch and texture. In order to have fun and comfort, the designer put a lot of effort on the material. Lifelike Pizza Sleeping Bag Pizza Sleeping Bag always arouses your appetite when you see pizza, it's so delicious. If pizza turns into a sleeping bag, would you just want to stop it? The designer is so creative. This 5-foot-long 3-foot-wide pizza sleeping bag is handmade from recycled cotton. It has a special style and a silk fabric lining, which is comfortable and luxurious. This 'pizza' is made to look decent. The pizza is surrounded by pillows, mushrooms, broccoli, and sausages. Don't think that the above materials are useless, they are pillows. These 'vegetable' pillows, which can be placed at will, look delicious and warm, and are very interesting. Related reading: The restaurant on the tip of the tongue-delicious not only in the bowl, but also in the restaurant as a whole, pizza sleeping bag, bread furniture, sleeping in bread, sleeping in bread? You read that right, really sleeping in 'bread'. Not long ago, a series of bread-style household products landed in the Japanese market, causing an uproar and being sought after by consumers. The designer's ingenuity, the series of household items designed include croissant sleeping bags, toast square cushions, omelette-shaped duvets and so on. If you put all these furniture in the bedroom, will you feel hungry as soon as you go in? Become a sandwich
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