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Can I buy furniture from IKEA?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-05
In the previous article, I introduced you to the necessary tools for visiting IKEA. There are not many IKEA stores in the country. Many young people who are pursuing the quality of life love the design of IKEA very much. The products are high in quality and cheap, and even travel to different places. Go to IKEA to buy household goods, and how to solve the needs of those netizens who don't have time to go out? At this time, IKEA shopping service quietly rises. So is the purchasing agent reliable or not? Let's analyze it for you! The advantages of IKEA purchasing agent: save the trouble of boat and car. Through IKEA purchasing agent, friends who like IKEA furniture can purchase through online shopping channels, and they can also buy their favorite items, saving time and effort. In addition, compared to other home furnishing stores, IKEA's prices are relatively cheaper and stylish. Through IKEA, netizens can save a lot of decoration costs, and at the same time can meet the aesthetic needs of new houses. Advantages of IKEA Shopping Agent 2: Wide range of choices, and even products that have not yet been launched in China. Through overseas purchasing, all kinds of IKEA products are basically available. Before purchasing, you can go to the IKEA official website to check which ones you like, but those that are not available in China, are they more fashionable? Of course, the shipping cost to be paid is higher. IKEA purchasing agent also has risks. The purchasing agent cannot guarantee the after-sales service of the product. Once a problem occurs, it is difficult for the buyer to defend their rights. At present, the purchasing agent industry is still in a gray area, and IKEA purchasing is a personal act. IKEA does not necessarily provide return and exchange services for overseas purchasing products. Therefore, if you choose Daigou, you must see the detailed information of the product you need, whether it provides services such as repair and return. Reminder: Purchasing agents must keep invoices. Sellers engaged in purchasing agents are mixed. It is difficult for netizens to distinguish whether the products they purchase are authentic in the mall, and many sellers engaged in purchasing agents are unable to provide consumers with shopping invoices. As a result, it is difficult for netizens to defend their rights once a product has a problem. Netizens must ask for invoices for IKEA products purchased through purchasing. As long as you have a formal IKEA shopping receipt, you can enjoy the proper after-sales service. Related reading: The most practical IKEA shopping guide!
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