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British furniture, take you to appreciate the fashion and pure British style

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-20
British style shoes, British style shirts, British style skirts, British style gentleman hats... British style can be described as fascinated by men, women and children in the field of fashion clothing. In recent years, with the popularity of the British style in the fashion industry, the trend of the British style has gradually penetrated into various fields such as home furnishing and decoration. Because of the calm and elegant characteristics of British furniture, British furniture has also begun to be sought after and loved by more and more people. Of course, although there are all kinds of British furniture on the market, people who look at it are dazzled, but even so, there are really few British furniture with pure British style. So, where can I find British furniture with pure British style? Come to China and Japan to furnish the British masters. The exquisite British furniture will bring you a taste of fashionable and pure British style! British classics inherit the British traditional craftsmanship for a hundred years. 1924 'Wood Brothers' 'The founder of the company, Mr. Herbert Wood, founded the classic brand of British furniture in the entrepreneurial hotbed of East London, the British master, and inherited the 500-year tradition of high-end oak furniture production since the Tudor dynasty. For more than 90 years, it has continuously improved its cabinet production technology and reached its peak in technology; combining traditional woodworking techniques and the beautiful natural texture of oak, it has created many ingenious and distinctive designs and passed on to future generations. For example, in the first-class lounge of the world's top luxury cruise ship Elizabeth II in the 1960s, there was an unprecedented and pioneering unique glass fiber product (this product was collected by the Victoria u0026 Albert Museum because of its outstanding advancement). In 2016, Huari Home Furnishing joined hands with famous British designers to bring excellent quality British furniture to thousands of Chinese consumers. The beautiful British furniture is placed at home, and you can appreciate the fashion and pure British style and the British royal and aristocratic style without leaving the house. Extended reading: British famous, purest British furniture. The lounge chair design in the first-class lounge of the Elizabeth II ocean cruise ship was inspired by the golden age of British history-the Tudor era is the 'golden age' in British history. . During this period, the wealth and power of new social classes such as merchants and traders, as well as the liberation of people's minds and the great development of art established the furniture characteristics of this period. The surface decoration of the furniture is extremely rich, and the ornate sculptures, carts, inlays, paintings and other decorations reflect the humanistic colors of the British Renaissance. The British furniture produced by Huari Home Furnishings is also deeply influenced by European and Renaissance concepts. The patterns, turning and carvings of this period are integrated into various product series. For example, one of the most iconic series among British famous houses-the Tudor Rose Series is a classic named after incorporating the Tudor emblem pattern 'Tudor Roseseries. The exquisite details of the Tudor rose series of the famous British masters show the charm of the British style. The beveled table shows a stylized Gothic spire. The small side cabinet shows the folding pattern of linen cloth. The game table is decorated with bas-relief cut grooves, carved bulbous legs and cactus inlays. Plate·········These classic, ancient and precious designs show the classic British style and charm, while also adding the charm of British furniture from the famous British furniture of Huari Home Furnishing. In addition, the exclusive custom-made hinges and unique ring pull handles made of forged and distressed old metals, and the ancient technology of hand-welding a single piece of glass with tin bars to form the entire glass panel has also given the classic British furniture of Huari Home Furnishing. British artistic atmosphere: classic and elegant, calm and gentleman. British masters with the original details of the British style, stylish and elegant British furniture········Hua Ri Home Furnishing British masters will take you to experience the truly fashionable British style. (Net Chen Min)
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