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Bright new sentiment-glass furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-04
Glass furniture is famous for its unique characteristics of crystal clear, fresh and bright. Its perfect combination of artistic value and practicality has been loved by more and more people who pursue individuality, and has gradually become a new favorite that represents simplicity and fashion. Glass used to be an auxiliary material for decorative purposes. Nowadays, almost all indoor furniture can be made of glass. Due to the strong plasticity of glass, it can shape a perfect curve that traditional materials cannot achieve. Its crystal clear and more modern shape is favored by fashion crowds who pursue individuality. And the most attractive place is that it can bring a fresh and bright atmosphere to the indoor space after it is placed in the room. The visual impact of glass furniture is the most suitable place to choose glass furniture, which is in a room with a small living area. Because of the unique permeability of glass, it can reduce space pressure, liberate people's eyes visually, and even have the illusion of space expansion, which can relieve people's tension to a certain extent and become the first choice for small apartments. Now, glass materials used for home decoration have not only made breakthroughs in thickness and transparency, making glass furniture both reliable and practical, and injecting artistic elements into the production, so that glass furniture can play the practicality of furniture at the same time. , It has the effect of decorating and beautifying the room. If you put a few exquisite glass furniture in the bedroom, study, and living room, you can feel the crystal-like romance in its clarity. The glass seats of various colors can add a variety of colors to the interior and bring people a relaxed and happy mood. In this environment, listening to beautiful music and drinking a glass of beer is the most pleasant enjoyment for the fashion generation. In addition, now instead of the glass dining table made of wood and stone, its transparent table top brings people a refreshing and translucent mood, adds a lot of brightness to the restaurant, and virtually increases people’s appetite. The glass furniture adopts high-hardness tempered glass, and the transparency of glass is 4~5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. The high-hardness tempered glass is durable, can withstand conventional knocks, bumps, hits, and pressures, and can withstand the same weight as wooden furniture. Most of the glass furniture that appears in our rooms are wine cabinets, coffee tables, dining tables, and cupboards. Because the general glass furniture is small and exquisite, it covers a small area, plus the simple and generous shape, and the visually transparent and bright , More suitable for ordinary family use. In addition, with the development of glass technology, high-hardness tempered glass is not only used for furniture manufacturing. Glass floors, glass walls, and glass stairs gradually break people's traditional concept of furniture. Bright glass furniture brings us a bright visual effect, and takes us out of the closed, dim and lifeless living room pattern. The wonderful combination of glass and metal is relative to the fickle wood grain. The surface of the metal is dense and pure, while the glass is transparent. Whether it is pure glass furniture or a combination of metal and glass, the biggest feature is that the material itself determines that they all adopt extremely simple lines without trivial decoration. It is precisely because this is in line with the succinct and lively fashion trend that they have become the new favorites of fashionable furniture. In the combination of glass and metal, the metal is mostly silver-gray, or the timeless black and white. Among them, the bright silver metal is the classic; combined with the transparency of glass or the hazy beauty of translucency, it forms A richer expression than color. It provides the perfect foil for the colors in the surrounding environment. The texture of metal and glass is elastic. In an environment where the indoor space is relatively small, the use of metal and glass matching furniture can tidy up the interior feeling of fragments, and the refraction of light will make the space have a visually enlarged effect. And put it in the living room and other places with larger space, it can become the finishing touch. When placed in a relatively open space of the restaurant, there is a warm and comfortable sense of satisfaction after dining. It can be seen that the perfect match of glass and metal can be the focus of attention no matter where it is, bringing people different feelings. Glass furniture is not obtrusive. Compared with traditional furniture, glass furniture has a bolder and avant-garde style and a more practical function. It can be said that it has an infinitely bright future. Compared with wood furniture, it will not be affected by indoor air, and will not be deformed due to unfavorable humidity; it is easier to clean up than fabric and leather, and it takes up less space; it is safer and environmentally friendly than plastic, pollution-free, and radiation-free; glass on the shape The simplicity and fashion of the furniture is its advantage over other products. In terms of matching, various glass furniture such as dining tables, coffee tables, and sofas can form a good combination with other furniture. The simple and clear lines and transparent visual effects make it stand out and not obtrusive. The exquisite and exquisite style and unique shape, whether placed in the living room, dining room or study, will be unique among the furniture, shining bright brilliance. Especially under the irradiation of natural light, it is more eye-catching, adding a completely different warm atmosphere to the living room. In addition, glass furniture meets the needs of different classes of aesthetics, and can provide all kinds of fashion-seeking people with their individual needs. This fashionable product combined with high-tech craftsmanship and new building materials will become a new enjoyment of household material and spiritual life, and is undoubtedly a trend in the development of indoor furniture in the future.
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