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Briefly talk about the characteristics of Song Dynasty furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-05
The Song Dynasty was a period of transition in the traditional ideological concepts of the Middle Ages. It changed the former dynasty's power of pilgrimage and dominance of the world, and formed a new philosophical consciousness, thinking method and attitude towards the world. Its calm, cautious, and introverted character has become a gentle, delicate, delicate, and delicate furniture of the Song Dynasty. The Song Dynasty was a peak in the history of furniture in our country, and was hailed as a model of furniture by scholars at home and abroad. Whether it is production technology or artistic level, it has reached the realm of perfection. The furniture of the Song Dynasty presents a neat, concise, elegant and simple artistic style, with an approachable temperament. Various types of furniture are gradually refined and enriched, but also tend to be concise and refined. In terms of styling, high-seat furniture developed rapidly during this period. High stools, high chairs, high tables, high tables, high tables, high collapses, and elevated racks are also becoming more common. Sitting with one foot down has become a fixed posture, to a certain extent Changing people’s lifestyles and concepts of life. The decoration tends to be simple and elegant, paying attention to completeness, consummation, and harmony, and the combination from the external outline to the internal structure is natural and appropriate. Most of the furniture in the Song Dynasty was simple and simple, with the main purpose of satisfying the actual use function. Basically, it did not do large-scale decoration and beautification, and only made partial decorations to achieve the finishing touch. In terms of structure, most of the furniture in the Song Dynasty was a frame structure, which replaced the previous box-body jug door structure, which borrowed from the large wooden beam structure of the furniture in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. In terms of materials, the furniture of the Song Dynasty was mainly wood, including softwoods such as poplar, beech, fir, and elm. There were also a small amount of mahogany furniture, which was appropriately supplemented with decorations such as metal and ceramics. Take the Song Dynasty chair as an example. The overall proportion is coordinated, and the appearance is straight and beautiful. Most of them use linear components. The components are often large and exquisite visual effects with rigorous and delicate proportions. The value of Song Dynasty furniture is far from the functional value of ordinary seats. Become a symbol of the national spirit and aesthetic value of this era.
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