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Briefly introduce the style classification of furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-06
According to the style, the furniture can be divided into: 1. Chinese classical style furniture, 2. European classical style, 3. Nordic style, 4. American furniture style, 5. Postmodern style, 6. Modern style furniture. 1. Chinese classical style furniture Ming and Qing furniture is divided into Jingzuo, Suzuo and Guangzuo. Ming-style furniture pays attention to the selection of materials. Most of the hardwoods such as mahogany, red sandalwood, rosewood, chicken wing wood, iron pear, etc. are used. Some furniture also use nanmu, elm, camphor and other hard woods, of which Huanghuali wood has the best effect. Hardwood is a relatively precious wood. Its wood is hard and flexible. It has a beautiful color and texture. Therefore, Ming-style furniture rarely uses paint, and only uses transparent wax to show the texture and natural beauty of the wood itself. Qing-style furniture is known for its decoration and cumbersome stacking. Because of the different styles of production areas, different local characteristics are formed. The most representative ones can be divided into Suzuo, Jingzuo and Guangzuo. 2. European classical style. This is a classical pursuit of magnificence and elegance. In order to reflect the gorgeous style, even on the original solid wood furniture, European furniture designers must retain the luxurious and noble Baroque style they admire. They don’t seem to like to use simple wood to express natural life. In order to reflect their identity and value, they must use pure lines, proper proportions, even spiral carvings, delicate inlays, exaggerated gilding or colorful decorations. Italian classic solid wood furniture is the best representative. The velvet part of the furniture frame is decorated with gold thread, gold edge, the pattern of wall paper, carpet, curtain, bed cover, curtain, and decorative paintings or objects are classical. This style is characterized by gorgeousness and elegance. If residents don’t want to spend too much, they might as well spend more time on the patterns of wallpaper, carpets, curtains and bedspreads, and strive to achieve coordination of various furnishings and decorations. You can add some classical ornaments on the wall, such as yak head, western clock, etc., which can make your living room more elegant and beautiful. 3. The Nordic style mainly refers to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Looking at the design of the four Nordic countries, it is indeed a unique landscape in the world of home furnishings. Nordic homes return to nature, advocating the charm of logs, plus modern, practical and exquisite art design styles. , Which reflects another thinking direction of modern urbanites after entering the post-modern society. 4. American furniture style American furniture especially emphasizes comfort, style, practicality and multi-function. From the perspective of styling, American furniture can be divided into three categories, antique, neoclassical and country style. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are the best evaluations of American furniture. In furniture design, American furniture strives to have zero-distance contact with nature. The overall feeling of American solid wood furniture is very grand, characterized by luxurious style, noble elegance with simplicity and roughness, and strong decoration. The main materials are walnut wood and cherry wood, which are suitable for general decoration style, durable and not easily outdated, reflecting the atmosphere of pursuing free life. American solid wood furniture likes to be old deliberately, to make one's young life more vicissitudes and history, and it feels very culturally precipitated, coupled with some multi-functional designs that cater to modern people, it is extremely popular with people who pursue fashion and taste. . 5. The post-modern style breaks through the concise and single limitations of modernism, and advocates compatibility with well storage, and adopts everything that can meet the needs of living and life regardless of ancient or modern times. In the post-modern style interior design, the space combination is very complicated. The method of installing partition walls, screens, pillars or fireplaces is often used to create a sense of spatial hierarchy, so that in unplanned and vaguely bounded spaces, thin columns and partition walls are used to form an inexhaustible and profound sense of spatial hierarchy. In addition, the walls are often treated into waves of various angles to form a metaphorical and symbolic style of room decoration. 6. Modern style furniture is a kind of relatively fashionable furniture. In addition to the ones mentioned just now that it is made of modern materials, the style is relatively modern and simple, which is more suitable for modern tastes, especially young people. Moreover, modern furniture has changed rapidly, mainly in colors and styles. Furniture also has popular colors. For example, walnut colors were popular in the past two years, and ebony and oak colors are popular this year. At present, the better panel furniture is Dixin, Yuting, Dynasty, Ideal Space, Red Apple, Qiaoxin, Dahao Xingli, Hengli, etc.
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