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Briefly introduce popular new concepts of furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-07
Simplicity is beauty, pursuing the essence of furniture, concise and smooth lines, soft colors, harmonious structure, abandoning complicatedness, rejecting trivial matters, and interpreting a brisk, concise and fresh style. The concept of environmental protection, health and environmental protection penetrates into the details of furniture design, using pure wood, rattan, bamboo, paper and other green natural materials and coatings to achieve a harmonious and inclusive state of home and the environment. Green furniture has become a popular theme today. Environmental protection is not only a new concept, new standard, and new selling point for furniture design and production, but also a consumer's conscious awareness and earnest hope for the quality of furniture and living environment. Naturally, the pace of life of modern people is getting faster and faster, and the pressure of life is getting more and more. 'Home' has become a space for people to completely release themselves, such as a childhood memory, returning to the hometown of the soul, close to the natural texture and color, and flowing Back to the basics and innocence, simple but full of confidence, streamlined but not boring, to get close to and enjoy nature in the home space. Simple and natural colors, clear and natural feelings, give a simple tranquility to the impetuous heart, and make the home a pure land for releasing stress and liberating the soul. Modern people who are tired of the unchanging life of personality, hope that the furnishings in the home will continue to have new content. Personalization is the trend of furniture design in 2003. In terms of style, style, size, and purpose, it meets individual needs, or is publicity, or introverted, and pursues bold and alternative fashion. Humanized and considerate, healthy, practical, functional, comfortable, intelligent, ergonomic, and people-oriented design concepts make furniture not only a living appliance, but also a way of life, work, and leisure, and the humanization of modern furniture The trend is to allow furniture to adapt to the human body rather than the human body to adapt to the furniture, but also to satisfy people's understanding and hope for life. The level uses space functions and aesthetics as equals, creates rich spatial hierarchical effects, advocates a free combination of furniture revolution, and cleverly expresses the movement of time and space through disassembly and assembly, and completes the conversion of functions. Blending the West and the East, the classic and the modern, the simplicity and the luxury, the nature and the humanity, the sensibility and the rationality, the different materials and the different colors, achieve the beauty of harmony in the conflict of symmetrical balance or ideas. Leisure Facing the pressure of external life, home is the harbor of the soul and the rest garden for rest and rest. The arbitrary space with swaying colors makes life casual and sensual, and enriches the soul. It is a kind of satisfaction in life. Freedom advocates a lifestyle of freedom and self-pleasure, the original sense of life brought from distant countries is integrated into modern home concepts, enjoys the free taste of life, indulges in the spiritual realm of selflessness, and creates infinite imagination in a limited space.
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