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Brief introduction to pop modern furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-06
In the 1950s, interior design and even furniture design were hit and influenced by a new type of popular culture. This kind of culture is a phenomenon of consumer culture, and it is also a more humanistic design culture. It advocates the art of 'popular, short-lived, consumer, low-priced, mass-produced, young, humorous, sexy, funny, attractive, and mass-traded'. This new type of popular culture is 'Pop ArtThe furniture created under the guidance of this culture and art is called 'Pop Furniture'. The guiding ideology of Pop Art's 'transient and changeable' design, the most specific expression in furniture design is the cardboard chair designed by British designer Peter Murdoch. This kind of seat, which has a life span of only three to five months, is given a bright decorative paper veneer with a small dot pattern, making the furniture as easy to replace as fashion. The design of pop furniture is also mostly derived from life materials, such as making the sofa into the shape of palms, lips, and even shoes. The use of inflatable knot pine to replace the supporting structure of the furniture also fully reflects the design philosophy of Pop Art against traditional culture. Just like all modern design works, Pop furniture also pays great attention to the use of materials and the technical level of production. Bright materials are the goal it pursues. In short, Pop Art successfully combines high-level art with popular culture, and has a greater impact on interior design and furniture design. Its design works are consumer goods with use value, and they are light, natural, Expressed in a humorous and modern form.
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