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Brief introduction to ancient ship wooden furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-07
Since the appearance of ancient ship wood furniture, more and more people pay attention. The old boat wood has been baptized by time, but it has been made into furniture and placed in the living room and dining room, becoming an indispensable part of the home in people's lives. Chuanmu furniture is sought after by the individual fashionistas. Due to the scarcity of raw materials of ancient ship wood furniture and the artistic value and collection value of ancient ship wood furniture itself, its price is slightly higher than other furniture. In addition, because the material, shape and color of ancient ship wood furniture are very nostalgic, I currently buy it The people who collect and collect are mainly relatively high-level successful people. Different from classical furniture in the traditional sense, the materials of ancient ship wood furniture are all taken from retired sea ships, and the original shape of the ship wood is fully maintained, and then it is made purely by hand. It retains the original scars, gully, and The biggest feature of holes and even traces of sea water washing is that there are many large and small fishing boat rivet holes in the furniture. The wood used for wooden furniture of ancient boats In ancient shipbuilding, craftsmen went to the primeval forest to select wood. After careful selection, the best, densest, and thickest wood was used from the opened wood. In this way, the good strength, elasticity and extension of the wood are ensured, coupled with the excellent production process, so that the boat wood can withstand hundreds of thousands of years of tempering. Nowadays, furniture made of wood from ancient ships is even more of a classic. Ancient ship wood furniture is made of finest ship wood, such as hundreds of years of exquisite catalpa, Kundian, sandalwood, iron wood, teak and so on. The imported catalpa wood is mainly used in ancient ship wood furniture, which is tougher and more wear-resistant than domestic wood. The history of ancient Chuanmu From the 'Silk Road on the Ship' to the present, Chuanmu has a history of thousands of years. Chinese wooden boats use the national art-tenon and tenon technology, which guarantees the integrity and integrity of the wooden structure; since the Tang and Song Dynasties, Chinese and foreign officials and dignitaries have been proud of riding Chinese wooden boats and regarded them as the best choice for maritime transportation; After a hundred years of voyage at sea, the hull of the ship experienced sea wave salt erosion and the bite of marine life. After hundreds of years of soaking and stamping in seawater, the quality of the boat wood is tougher and more wear-resistant, and its natural environmental protection is better for waterproof, fireproof and insect-proof. The characteristics of ancient ship wood furniture 1. Based on the original shape of wood, without destroying its original shape, it adopts pure hand-made production methods to reflect the original characteristics and charm of ancient ship wood as much as possible; 2. Each piece of furniture is based on each piece The characteristics of boat wood are carefully designed and made by hand, so its 'non-replicability' is a characteristic of artistic creation. It is also the value of ancient boat wood furniture, and it demonstrates the unique and extraordinary personality of the owner; 3. After hundreds of years of soaking and stamping in seawater, the quality of the boat wood is tougher and more wear-resistant, and its natural environmental protection of waterproof, fireproof and insect-proof is better; 4. The precious raw materials and the characteristics of the ancient boat wood furniture are loved by art and pursuit. Natural people are regarded as collections; 5. The usual care and maintenance are simple and convenient, as long as you avoid strong sunlight.
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